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I was convicted of the one DUI. WIll this hurt my chances of employment? How common are DUIs in the US?
A DUI from most states will show up on one's criminal record. These convictions are extremely common.
I was convicted of a dui 1st offense in Fairfax, VA and was given 12 months restricted license with interlock, 10 vasap classes, and 6 AA meetings. I am an occasional smoker and wonder if I should stop smoking all together or if I don't need to worry about that as I'm there for an alcohol case.
It is possible VASAP will ask for you to submit to a urinalysis. Good luck.
I had a DWI dismissed by the court because the blood test showed no alcohol or drugs in my system. I filed for an expungement which was denied because about 8 years later I did get my first conviction for a DUI. It seems that the fact that I was Innocent of the dismissed DWI should allow for an expungement but the judge said because of my current DUI (first offense) he denied it. Does this seem like it could be worth appealing? The way my record looks now it appears that I have an alcohol problem since there is this arrest prior to my first DUI. It will cause serious problems for employment . And if yes, where can I find info on how to appeal. Thank you!
From what you write the court should have granted your motion. Under the law, the court must expunge a misdemeanor...
I applied for license in Va. And was denied. I have not driven since 2008. I've completed all courses required a a judge gave me paperwork stating I am legally able to have drivers license reinstated and yet DMV has final day & it's "no." Lawyer said he does not understand. What can I do? I am married since 2011, & have two kids, one is new born . I have always had a job, still do at same employer since before my 30 days in jail. I need help! Thank you.
I am not licensed in VA and do not want to sound like a broken record to get an experienced VA attorney, yet on the...
At first I was told since its been so long since conviction I don't need to do ads counseling. After I complied with ASAP class they tell me now I have to. Can this be appealed?
You should contact the attorney who represented on your case. If you didn't do something you were ordered to do, you...
how long does this take? how much will it cost?
Depends if she had a lawyer or not. Depends if she was found guilty or not. Depends if there was a suspened or...
Charger for driving on a Rev license was NOT dropped. No accident or infant involved. I was sentenced to 90 days for my 1st one (all suspended). 3 years probation. Can I be considered inadmissible for immigration purpose? Can my employer file my Greencard while on Probation? Will it affect my H1B renewal if that happens while I am on Probation. Thanks in advance.
You truly need to consult an experienced immigration attorney to determine how your criminal charges affect your future...