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Can I leave the US holding a F1 VISA while being on a DUI continuous case with future non adjudication process?
On my court date my attorney was able to get a continuous court date for January 28th to start my non adjudication process. We requested that date since I already have tickets to go home for Christmas. Can I go home and come back in the country? Would I have trouble to enter the country on my way back?
Contact a US immigration attorney for review before leaving the US due to potential consular issues.
What could happen to someone in Mississippi who was charged with domestic disturbing the peace? And is on probation for dui
My husband was drunk and started throwing me around like a baseball. He said he was going to kill himself. So I called the police. What can happen to him ? We have been married for less than a month
He could well be sentenced to jail time, depending on the severity of the offense and his criminal history. He needs...
How does mississippi county jail time work
My boyfriend got a 2nd dui a dui subsection a and child endangerment do to dui. It's a long story but two separate arrests and they charged him with 2nd dui for both. The second one he made them draw blood and when results came back it was not his blood type. So they took the officers statement that he had his perscription meds in the truck. That's where the sub section a and child endangerment came in. He was hit by a drunk driver and his background was run. They saw his previous dui. So long story short he got 188 days in county jail. Is that how much time he will serve or is it possible he will get out earlier. The website says dec 19. Are all county sentences in ms served to the full last day.
It appears that if the wrong blood was drawn, your bf has a case of getting all charges dismissed. Consult with a MS...
What will happen in court for suspended license? I have 2 pending cases for DUI and possession in other cities but not convicted
My license is suspended and I had a (non alcohol and non drug related) wreck. I did not hit anybody but had to be transported by ambulance due to my injuries. I have court in Hernando, MS. I am currently waiting to plea guilty to a drug possession and DUI. Would those charges (that I have not been convicted of) affect the judge's ruling?
I strongly suggest you speak to an attorney before making any decisions on pleading guilty
Can I get DUI felony 3rd offense expunged in Mississippi?
I am in drug court in desoto county in Mississippi. Everybody else with drug charges can get their record expunged, why can't I? I didn't hurt anyone.
The Mothers Against Drunk Driving is a very powerful lobbying group. Add to that the media coverage a wreck in which a...
Out of State DUI - Currently live in a neighboring state, but already in the process of moving cross-country
Recently I was pulled over for speeding and charged with a DUI in TN. My hearing is next month. I have retained council in TN. I live in MS, but my job is being transferred to the east coast. I understand that if convicted, TN will not take my license, but MS will. Then things with the license will be complicated because I will not be living in MS in a couple of months. I'm more concerned about how probation will work? Will TN care if I'm not living in MS anymore (as long as i'm flying back to attend classes and meetings) I'm not worried about expenses as keeping my job is my priority. (for the long run) Any advice will be appreciated. My TN attorney is only focused on TN and my MS attorney is taking a wait and see attitude. Should I call an attorney in the new state too?
You already have an attorney in TN and should ask any and all questions about the case to your attorney. When you get...
How much would a lawyer cost for these charges? and also are any of them extraditable in the state of Mississippi?
tickets include... speeding 67 - 45 careless driving expired tag on a vehicle that is no longer running no proof of insurance but insurance is valid 2nd offense DUI %0.20 - %0.08 possession/sale of paraphenilia
You need representation. The 2nd offense DUI can give rise to serious jail time, serious fines and loss of license....