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How to obtain HI drivers license after HI dui with CA DL.
My son has a CA drivers license and lives in Hawaii. He got a DUI in HI almost two years ago. He has satisfied all the HI court mandates and fees. He went to take the HI driving written test but was told that CA has a hold on his license because of the DUI. Phone lines are always busy at the Mandatory Actions Unit 916-657-6525. How can he move forward with this?
Asker, you'll need to file a 1650. I've written a guide to tell you how to do so. You'll need to call and hang up and...
Help!!!! Can the court order the dmv to remove the iid restriction?
I was convicted of a DUI in June 2013. I mailed in my proof of iid installation, proof of enrollment in class, an sr-22 and paid fees in August. I have everything dated August 7th and have proof I mailed it. The dmv claims they did not receive my paperwork but they did in fact cash my check. My 5 month term is up in Jan 14. Can I petition the court to have this restriction removed. The dmv lost my paperwork and now they are saying my time doesn't start until November so I am forced to keep it for an additional 4 months. I am totally getting the runaround. All my documentation says august 7th. My lawyer made me go into the dmv to sort it out and all they did was take in the paperwork as of November and ignored the fact that I had already sent it in.
You may consider appealing to the DMV before you move onto the court. I recommend contacting the DMV in Sacramento to...
California Contractors license question about suspension and turning it inactive.
Sorry, no results matched your search for I currently have a suspended California contractors license due to a bond payout non compliance. My license doesn't expire until 2015. If I request to put it inactive while I sort out the bond payment issue, will the suspension still show up also. I want to look for a project manager position where I wouldn't need to use my license, but I also wouldn't want the interviewing company to see suspension
I do not see a criminal defense question to answer. You may want to repost your question under a different practice...
In CA, if you were ordered an 18 mth program and have no way to complete, after 10 years can you get a license re-issued?
2 DUIs in 2009, ordered 18 mth program. Haven't completed, have no transportation. How can I get a license. Since after 10 yrs, it is removed from DMV record, can I re-apply at that time without completing the program?
No. The DMV will NEVER reinstate your license without completing the SB-38. However, if you live out of state and...
Is the RN or the police officer supposed to shake vial after DUI blood draw?
Does Title 17 specify who is required to mix the anticoagulant and the blood before analysis?
It does not. It does not specify.
LAPD lab results v independent lab?
How significant is it if the independent lab results reflect a different result than the LAPD lab results? For instance, if LAPD lab results show a BAC of 0.16 and an independent lab show a BAC of 0.13, does that mean the LAPD results can be attacked on validity?
Maybe. You'll need an expert or experts to testify and explain why the differences are not tolerable. However even at a...
How to find out if you received a citation?
Was stopped by some officers last week while out drinking, they warned me to be picked up or would be taken to the station. Don't remember much from being intoxicated, which worries me because I remember walking alone to meet my friends at a cab. So the officers did not give me a copy of a citation nor did they arrest me, but is there a way I can check online through the court system if I was issued a public intoxication citation?
You know people like you drive honest lawyers nuts. You say you don't remember anything but then you say the cops didn'...