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Had a domestic with my step son,,cops came and arrested me in my home.They charged me with assault and dui.
The police told my wife and son to put in the police statements that they saw me drive the car because they were gonna charge me with dui.Can the police due that,coerce the witness statements or is that an illegal dui charge.They had no probable cause for the dui charge in the first place.
There are many issues here. Therefore, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Good luck.
Can I drink alcohol in my own home while on ARD probation?
Its my first dui and first time being in trouble. I don't use drugs. My bac was .214
The answer ti your question should appear on the judge's order entered when you were at your ARD hearing. You may not...
If he got 2 driving under DUI suspension will they take him to jail that day if it's jail.
Husband caught driving with no liencse under a DUI suspension he has 2 that he goes to court for next week they said house arrest or jail for the first one but now he has 2 that he goes for in Tuesday will it still be house arrest or jail and if it's jail would they take him that day or wAit. He does have a public defender also.
This is a serious case but there is hope. Normally jail can be negotiated out and some other sentence imposed.
Can I reinstate my license if I move out of state?
I was arrested for a second offense DUI in Pennsylvania. I have it set up to serve house arrest in PA and probation in Virginia has agreed to accept my probation at the time. With my license being suspended in PA can I get a license in Virginia if all of my fines and classes are taken care of and all I am doing is waiting. Or will I have to wait until the end of my suspension in PA to apply for a Virginia driver license. I am a CDL holder looking to drop my CDL endorsements down to a class c cdl
I would suggest contacting an attorney in Virginia or doing some research on the requirements to become a legal driver/...
My once postal delivery worker has been going around at local bars drunk and telling everyone/anyone that i am on disability.
My once postal delivery worker has been going around at local bars drunk and telling everyone/anyone that I am on disability. The only way she knows would be because of her delivering correspondence mail from the social security administration. I am not sure of her name just what post office she delivered from. I learned this from a friend that had heard her saying things pertaining to this and even that she has intentionally not delivered some mail to my mailbox. My friend does not know her name either.How do i find out her name by the post office she works at I do not trust going there for information they might make her aware I been asking about her and I do not know if she even still works at same office. This all started about six years ago and I am still hearing that she still gets drunk and talks about myself AND others on her route. I had since moved so as I said I do not know if she is even still a postal employee. Anything I can do? on my own? i do not have money for an attorney.
Anything you can do? On your own? Yes. Report this to the Post Office. You can also talk with a local personal injury...
Had a couple of beers after I came home and was then blood tested and charged DUI. How can the test be accurate to when I drove?
I bumped into someone at a gas station and didn't realize it; went home and had a couple of beers. Police arrived at that point (they got my license from surveillance video). This was over an hour later. They took me in for the blood test and as a result charged DUI. If I drank *after* I got home before the test, how can the test stand up in court since it would obviously show the alcohol I drank after the fact?
You may have successfully created "reasonable doubt" that would justify an acquittal by a jury. However, the...
Non-DUI ARD Program Concerns, Northwest Pennsylvania
Dec. 12th of 2014 I was pulled over for a blown license plate light on my car. I was cited, not arrested, for Simple Possession of Marijuana (2 small marijuana joints), Poss. of Paraphernalia (a pack of cigarettes which they were in) and No Rear Lights (Summary). I've gone to and waived my prelim in mid-January. My arraignment set for late March was waived. I've set up a payment plan with the county clerks for Non-DUI ARD for which I've made no payments but was required to get considered for ARD. I have a 'call of the list' trail date June 2nd. My concerns are: Will I be placed on Non-DUI ARD at this date or at a later date learned at the 'call of the list'? How long will my license be suspended if at all? What can I do proactively to lessen length of probation? Thank you for your time.
Your questions are all legitimate and it is commendable that you are trying to be proactive. However, if you are...