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What happens to me now that I have had my last DUI 14 years ago and one prior to that and now just got another DUI
Back when young I got a dui and like six years later another in 2002. I haven't had any other fines or.nothing but now 14 years from last dui I just got arrested with another one. The officer n myself was nice to each other n I admitted to drinking and failed field test and also had a breath test then hospital blood work. I'm sure BAD was high. The officer told me if past 10 years it would be ard again. I don't have.much money and wondering what my chances are of going with out a attorney and go alone and RECIEVE ard ????? Thank you so much for.your time
It's hard to get ARD a second time. Usually impossible.
My girlfriend had her license suspended 5 yrs ago for a DUI, got her license back and was suspended again for the same offense.
Is it possible to have your license suspended twice for the same offense
If you mean for the same charge from 5 years ago absent any other traffic offenses then it sounds like a PennDOT error....
Do I need an attorney for a second DUI ?
I had my first DUI 18 years ago and went thru the ARD Program. I have 2 hearings, 1in Oct. And 1 in Nov. For the DUI charge I received this Aug. Do I need a lawyer?
You should at least consult with a lawyer. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case,...
How can I get a ARD and a Dismissed DUI expunged? Can I do this myself? If I have to hire an Attorney how much would that cost?
I have a record of 3 DUI's one back in 2006 finished a ARD program, one in 2009 that was dismissed because no evidence of any alcohol or drugs in my blood test & my last one was in 2011. I believe that I should be able to have 2 DUI'S Expunged because 1 was a ARD & the 2nd was Dismissed. I am a single mother trying to go to school for a LPN, i just got Certified as a CNA with no problems. The state of PA, will the DUI'S prevent me from being able to go to school and get a job as an LPN?
It's best to have an attorney handle such proceedings as this.
You are going to court for a second dui & received a 3rd dui, It's not showing on the public docket, will the judge know?
He never called his public defender, will she know before Sept. 3rd his court date. It is stated no more continuances on the second. And now he has a third, will he go straight to jail that day? And she ordered him to take a CRN Evaluation and he hasn't done that yet.
Usually the judge will not know, however, the prosecutors usually will and they will usually tip off the judge.
Can you get charged w/DUI if in an accident, but not arrested and unwillingly gave blood at hospital while unconscious?
So, I had a head on collision that I barely survived, was barely even drunk, report says, BAC was .09...but if I never was arrested and didn't do a field sobriety or breathalyzer, and they just took my blood unwillingly at the hospital and while I didn't even know, is that legal?
Yes. The Supreme Court has held that when there is an accident, the police can take a blood sample without a warrant....
Should I write a DUI leniency letter to my preliminary hearing judge before the hearing? Is is ok to do that?
I just heard its a good idea to write a letter to the judge before the hearing. that is may help me out. I know how I should write it, but I just don't know if I should write it to the preliminary hearing judge, or wait till after, if it goes to the main hearing at county court. But I've also heard that things can settle and be done with at the preliminary hearing.
Have you talked to your attorney about this?? Has anyone explained to you the purpose of the Preliminary Hearing?...