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If someone gets 17 yrs sentence prison time for dwi's in tx. when will he be able to up for parole
not really any details
It will depend on many factors. If they got 17 years, it means they are either on DWI #4, or DWI #3, with a prior trip...
Can I get a TX license if I have a DUI on record in CA?
I received a DUI in CA, completed all classes, paid all fines, served my suspension time and now I have my regular no restrictions license back from CA. When I move to Texas in January will there be any problems getting a new driver's license?
You should have no problem getting a license in Texas as long as your license in California is clear and good to go.
Is there a lawyer willing to do a probono case for a dwi?
Got 2 dwi over 25 yrs ago so they want to charge me with a feloney
I don't think you are going to find an attorney that is willing to do this Pro Bono. If you can't afford a lawyer, then...
How do I take care of a DUI that's 13 years old
Driving while impaired. They put me in the hospital in sted of jail. Was released,haven't been able to come home. I'm dissabled and cronically homeless!
What was the final disposition of the case? If it is still open and active for some reason, there will likely be a good...
Can I get my suspension of my license lifted if my DWI was dissmised and only charged with a pi
I went to court took a plea with the da for a pi instead of a DWI he droppedy DWI completely I've already been to my license hearing before that and they suspended them for 90 days I'm trying to see if I can get the suspension lifted due to the fact my DWI was dismmised
Unclear what your DUI lawyer told you after you discussed it with him
How will a DUI affect my application for US citizenship?
I have a DUI that I will be convicted of this week. The deal I am getting is a "30 day sweep" aka 5 weekends of community service. I am 41 years old and have been living in the United states since the age of 3 and my record is otherwise clean and this is my only offense. As this 30 day sweep will read as jail time on my record will it keep me from being naturalized? Would it be advantageous to accept another type of deal for my conviction such as probation?
You will need to consult with an immigration lawyer to get the best answer. The Harris County SWEWP program will show...
My boyfriend has a misdemeanor His 2nd in 10 years
Minimum BAC is 0.08. That being said, you can also be shown to be intoxicated in a variety of other ways including a...