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  • Hyphy Rapper Keak Da Sneak Is Recovering, Performing...

    Jan 23, 2017 | via Sfist 

    Oakland rap legend Keak da Sneak, the stage name of Charles Kente Williams , a progenitor of the term hyphy, is reportedly recovering after being shot on Friday. "I'm sad to hear that shortly after we took this pic he was shot," All Bay Music Magazine indicated in an Instagram photo caption and on its website .


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I want to request a belated hearing to show that the revocation/ suspension and 30 day temp. license is not justified.
It is past the 10 day limit after receiving the administrative per se suspension/revocation order. The Oakland office of drivers safety reccomended that I submit a written request for a belated hearing. Is this something I should have a lawyer write up? Is this a feasible option?
A lawyer can help you with this type of request, however, the reason you missed the deadline will drive whether or not...
How long is the wait between an entry of DUI misdemeanor conviction in court and getting a restricted license?
I have served 30 days "hard" suspension for a first DUI (no special circumstances) as of Monday. My arraignment was also on Monday, and I entered a plea (misdemeanor conviction 1st time DUI, with probation). I was told that although I am eligible go get a restricted license right away, I have to "wait until the court's judgment goes into the system at the DMV." Otherwise, I have to apply for a restricted license twice. Can anyone tell me how long I have to wait until the court records are forwarded to DMV so that I can get my restricted license, which I desperately need to drive to work? Thank you.
What does your attorney say about this? Better yet, have you been to the DMV??
What do I need to ask the clerk to get proof that i completed all of my dui sentence? l
Last time I went they just gave me a copy of my file and the sentencing docs but nothing to show it was completed
That's probably the best you can do.
Do I need to provide the results of my blood test when I request for a DMV hearing? If so, how to get a hold of the results?
Was nodding off driving home on the freeway. Took the next exit I saw, attempting to pull over and sleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep on the exit overpass and the police suspected me for driving under the influence. I opted for a blood test because I wanted to seek medical attention first for my injuries.
They will have it and provide it to you.
When should I disclose my DUI conviction to the CA Board of Accountancy?
Was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in Sept 2015. Received CPA license renewal form recently and it says that I have to disclose the conviction to CA Board of Accountancy. I'm not currently a practicing CPA, my license status is 'inactive'. So I don't need the license for practice rights. If I don't renew my license it would become 'delinquent' and can remain so for 5 years. I can renew my license anytime within those 5 years. I have 2 options: 1) don't renew license and don't disclose conviction or 2) renew license and disclose conviction. If I go with 1) I can disclose my conviction after the conviction has been expunged and still be able to renew my license as long as its within the 5 year time frame. I heard it may be better to disclose the conviction after it's been expunged. Would the Board view this course of action as potentially dishonest because it may look like I'm trying to manipulate the system?
In my experience, the Board would be hard pressed to consider not renewing a license to be "dishonest." However, in...
How soon after DUI DMV hearing does license suspension become effective?
I have a DMV DUI hearing next week. Based on the documentation and the facts, I am pretty sure I am going to lose. I planned to drive (I have a temporary license pending the DMV hearing outcome) to and from the hearing. Will the hearing officer make the decision immediately and preclude me from driving home after the hearing? Or will the suspension go into effect at a particular date and time as determined by the hearing officer? Thank you.
Within about 30 days. Probably sooner.
Can I fight a DUI charge
I was waiting for a tow truck standing outside of my car. An officer came by and asked what was going on. I told him I was waiting for a tow because my tire popped. At the time he asked if I had been drinking I told him I did have a few drinks. He did not test me or my girlfriend at that time. He then left and I sat in the car to make a call and he came back by and tested me for alcohol at that time. I was not even driving. I got a .13 he never tested my girlfriend. What are my chances on fighting this DUI or even reducing it as a Wet Reckless? My girlfriend was driving me home but he only tested me.
To answer the quest written in the heading, you can always fight a DUI charge. Will you be successful in your fight? It'...