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Traveling to India while DWI case in trail period.
Hi, I got DWI in Arkhansas in September.I didn't take any alcohol or drugs when police officer arrested me on DWI, My case is in trail period, the court date on February 7th. I am planning to travel to India feb 24th and I have valid H1B visa stamping on my passport, Does this effect while coming back to US port of entry, Appreciate your help!!
If you have a company immigration attorney, these questions should be directed to your immigration attorney. Your...
How come parole officers can count meducation when I was charged with DUI?
DUI in a different county other than I live in?
I doubt if parole officers count meducation about anything. Did you mean "medication", ie, drugs you take for an...
I got a DUS 3 was in prison for 6 months. My license were suspended till may 2015 . This happened in south I now live In Ark .
I need a lawyer to get the details. On reinstatement fees
I am sorry, but I am confused by your question. I do not know which state your DUI's were suffered? Where you live...
So if someone gets 1st DWI & reckless driving ticket , even blew .15 or more they should get a lawyer ?
My daughter hit another auto , they left so she continued down the hwy with damaged car mainly to front passenger side . So they gave breath .15 plus not sure . They arrested her , after about 5 hrs let her call someone to come pick her up . She got DWI & driving reckless ticket , 1st time for either . Last ticket she got was speeding ticket back in 2011 . She works full time , has never been in trouble and pays all of her bills on her own . She was suspended today from her job , that she has been at for 3 years . They told her if she didn't have the charges dropped she would be fired . Her court isn't until Nov 25th , I just don't know what she should do .
The most important thing you can do for her is hire an attorney. Her DUI is not a "simple" one and even for those, you...
I got two dwi charges first offense. Plead guilty to both. It didn't pick up on either. What do I do?
I have two dwi first offence charges. I nether Picked up. I told them on my second offense I had two. What do I do when I go to alcohol screening test Tuesday?
Tell them the truth. Even if both were for DWI 1st, You need to tell them you have two prior 1st DWI's. Talk to...
Can you be charged with a crime if they did not preserve the evidence?
In 2015 I was in a terrible car accident and was medflighted from the scene and the officer "on duty" claims to have "found" a wallet separate from my wallet and it contained .066g of a controlled drug in it. They provided pictures of such said wallet but all the evidence has just magically disappeared. They wait till 2016 a year after to file charges on me. I need help comprehending this please.
You do not need help comprehending this; what you need is a lawyer to fight this. If you have been charged then you...
Will I be able to get into Kenya and Tanzania with a DWI on my record?
A few days ago I was arrested and charged with a DWI. In about 3 months I will be going to Kenya and Tanzania. Will I be granted a visa and will I be able to get through customs into these two countries? I know the laws are different in each country which is why I am confused on the exact rules for these two. My record is completely clean other than this one incident. Also, if I have a lay over in another country but am staying in the airport, will I have a problem then? My lay over may be in Dubai.
Realistically your case would still be pending in three months. DWI cases routinely take much longer than that. Your...