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Can I beat this DUI charge?
Stuck in ditch while attempting to turn around. Someone was on their way to get me out when cops showed up and asked if i had been drinking. I admitted, and was so fourth arrested. I blew a .14 at the jail. The thing is that I was never a given a copy of my tn implied consent advisement. I was informed by another cop that i should have received one on release. So I looked into and even got into contact with the Trooper. He state that since I consented to the test that there was no form. W/o this form I feel there is no proof that i was informed that i could refuse the test.
Tennessee law requires that the officer advise you of the consequences of refusal to submit, but that advisement does...
How long will my daughter get in jail from missing a court date for the first time?
My daughter was pull over because her license was suspended we live in paris,tn henry county she was charge with failure to appear how many days or weeks she can get from that
Driving on a suspended license is a Class B Misdemeanor. The maximum jail time is 6 months. The minimum is no jail...
I got a BUI on kentucky lake yesterday., in Henry County Tn
First time for anything like this, Scared. I have arraignment in two days, Can I plead guilty at that point. I am wrong. I just want to take what's comming.
Before you do anything hire a lawyer to help you. There are a myriad of ways to "take what's coming" to you in this...
Can I be convicted of contributing to a minor if there is no evidence?
I had a warrant for contributing to a minor from a liquor store on the 4th or 5th of this month. I was nowhere near said liquor store on those dates, but I did carry my drunk friend (she's 17) home on one of those nights. What will I be charged with if anything?
Contact an attorney right away and discuss it with him or her. You don't have to be near the liquor store to have the...
Can you get a liquor license with a DUI offense
A person I know just leased a building to serve alcohol by the drink and they both have a recent DUI on their record, Their first for the both of them. Can they still apply for a liquor license in TN?
Liquor licenses are usually under the control of the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) type state agency.Please check on...
What will the judge give me for driving on revoked? When your license are revoked over first offense DUI and still on probation.
Got caught driving while my license are revoked over DUI. So how long will I have to go to jail
Uncertain. Your bigger problem is a possible probation violation for a new arrest while in probation for a DUI. You...
On probation for a drug related charges. Filed a drug test
My boyfriend is on probation for a drug charge it's his first charge first time being in trouble. He had to take a drug test for his P.O. and he didn't pass it!!! They let him go then signed a warrant on him and came and got him and now his awaiting bonding hearing. What could happen too him he get a off probation in 2 1/2 months? Please help!!!!
If we assume from the way your question is written that your boyfriend was on probation and while on probation failed a...