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Lawyer didnt even show?
I had a bad reaction to new med I was on. I bumped into a mail box and was out off it. I got a dui charge. I have letters, copies of everything showing I was legal and my doc explained all that was going on with me. Well da nor judge saw my paper work. I need help
If you hired an attorney and they did not show for court appearance you have complaint with State Bar and also fee...
Can I get s restricted license while taking the 18 month DUI program
The court gave me thirty days to get my license I have yet to enroll in the program how do I get my license
The specific answer will come from asking the dmv or your lawyer no clue as none of us lawyers have your case.
If you have a felony and you get arrested for dui again how much time will you do
he had a prior felony for hit and run 20001 and now 667a1 priors and now also dui alch and drg/cse bdy inj 23153 also dui .08 also w/injury 23153b also dui alcohl cause bdy inj 23153a also hit and run death 20001a do you know how much time he will have to do? he wrecked his bmw in this case.
Doesn't look good for this guy. He'll do more than he wants to in any event. Time for him to lawyer up and get into rehab.
DUI fines, classes, license suspended, and possible warrant.
Asking for a friend that received a DUI a year ago. They haven't been paying their fines or paying to attend the classes for some time now. Their license was suspended for non payment. I'm assuming because of non payment and suspended license that there likely is a warrant issued. They lost their job and have now way to pay now at all but they want to get it all straightened out. They are in fear of going to court and being arrested and placed in jail. What is the likelyhood of them being arrested and thrown in jail if they go to try an fix this even though they have no way to pay because of no job currently. What is their best option to avoid jail and to get this situated.
Wether or not your friend ends up in jail depends on various factors. Their record, their record of non compliance (...
Recouping cost of Dui arrest
I won both DMV and Court case on DUI charges. How does one recoup tow and impound charge $400 and police vehicle release $200? Can I sue officer also for false arrest?
You can sue...however your chances of success are minuscule at best. Re: the $$ it'll cost you more than it's worth to...
Had a DUI conviction missed payments on fine and missed classes, license suspended
I had a DUI conviction in 2015 was ordered to take classes and $10,000 fine. I had a payment plan. I have missed payments recently and stoped attending the classes. Approximately 3 months. My license has again been suspended because of the missed payments and missed classes. I was told I just had to go back to court to resolve this matter. What is the better options to get my license reinstated and get back on track. How should I handle the courts.
If you are in violation of your probation you can have yourself added to the calendar at 7:30am on any court day. You...
Is there an alternative sentence I can get now instead of DUI classes in Ca.?
4 yrs ago I was falsely accused of assaulting an officer, out here in Riverside county you DON'T EVER WIN CASES AGAINST COPS. So since then I am constantly harassed by police, so I got pulled over like 2 yrs. Ago for expired tags &I had 2 other people w/me. After running my name she asked the other 2 to sit on the curb then asked me to get out & she cuffed me searched my vehicle and planted some type of pills in little baggies. She let my friends drive my car w/expired tags from Murrieta, Ca. -Hemet, Ca. When tested I came up positive for diazepam 2 points over the legal limit, but I also have a prescription for them. I received a letter from DMV stating it was irrelevant to them and I could keep my license. It had been 9yrs. 10 mos. Since my first DUI. But they sentenced me to 52days of house arrest, $2900 fine, & $542more. 18 mos dui class. All ihave left is $1100 16 more months of class. But the program runner remembers me from almost 10 yrs. Ago, idk why but she hates me. I got kicked out of program for falling asleep 1 time, I have ton of medical problems & mental health. Can't I take some alternative? I also have agoraphobia!!!
The classes are a requirement for your drivers license. The only alternative if you fail to complete is time in jail....