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I got a ticket for DUI for drugs?
They stop me for the reason the cop said was that I stop at a dime whatever tat means they embraced me to the fullest after the million test the did even breath test and put me under arrest. Took me down to the station and continue to give me more test and again give me breath test and every time it can out 0.00. Then after when they were frustrated they force me to give them a blood sample and didn't let me see the documents of my rights or didn't want to let me go after they draw my blood they give me my ticket on the ticket the time they written it out was 10:01pm I was nearly arriving at the station at that time. So my question is how do u written a ticket for something u haven't even determine yet when I didn't arrive to west valley till 1:13 am. Please if u could help me out I'll be thankful.
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but DUI drugs is generally a misdemeanor. That means they can release you...
When you get DUI when does it show on your record
How long after your last court date
Of course it does. I'll change this to criminal defense.
I was cited for a DUI while sitting in my car not driving. is that legal?
was sitting in the car eyes closed leaning back in the drivers seat of the car. my keys were not in the ignition. officer tapped on my passenger side window and asked me to roll it down, at witch point I inserted the key in the ignition to roll window down. I was told to step out of the car and was given a sobriety test which I failed. then was cited for violating vc codes 23152 (A) and 23152 (B), my drivers license was confiscated and was given a administrative PER SE.I have held a commercial license for over 30 years have a clean record have no criminal history, and depend on my license to provide for my family.
Driving is a element of the offense that must be proven before you can get convicted. It sounds like you have a very...
Will I go to jail for dui bodily injury
I was not under the influence of alcohol to my knowledge . I drank at 5pm at my house and took a nap around 530pm. Woke up and ate around 9pm. I waited for friends and they arrived at 10:15ish. I drive us to downtown riverside and had only 1 drink. 5 people can vouche for me as well as any bartender where I was. We ended up arriving in downtown around 10:40ish and ended up leaving around 1:30pm 2am to my house with a full car and a friend following me with a full car as well. Stopped for food, after getting g food rushed home because I had people over my house waiting. I made a turn to quick 2 blocks from my house and ended up flipping my car and it rolled. I was knocked out and carried to my friends car who was following behind and driven to my house with a bad head injury. Woke up inside my house and was being cleaned of blood. Everyone involved was taken to the hospital by someone. The police came and I explained I was driving and that I wasn't under the influence of anything but took me in for dui felony bodily injury and went to jail and am now out on bail because I have a full time job
Nobody here can tell you if you'll end up being convicted let alone do any jail. The best thing to do is to contact...
Will a DUI charge that was reduced affect my green card renewal?
Three years ago I was arrested for a DUI and spent a night in jail. No accident no injuries. The charges were dropped by the DA office and I only got a traffic violation which I paid for. Will this affect me when I renew my green card? I am eligible to renew. I have a clean record and no other arrests. I am a regular resident not conditional.
Every arrest regardless could have very significant immigration consequences. Under a change in policy ICE has started...
Will I get jail time for a 14601.2a in california with a prior dui in 2012 Big Bear City, CA | 27 minutes ago I was on my way
Will I get jail time for a 14601.2a in california with a prior dui in 2012 Big Bear City, CA | 27 minutes ago I was on my way to pick up my girlfriend from the emergency room after she was released when a chp pulled me over. i was given permission to keep the vehicle and continue my drive to the hospital but was also given a ticket for a 14601.2a
Just hire an attorney to appear on your behalf to contest the matter. Jail time is a real possibility so you need to...
Will you have to go to trial to prove your case
If you have a lawyer and dont go to trial a basic first time DUI what the most common plea deal they give you
Assuming you were not involved in an accident with property damage or bodily injury, up here in Sacramento it doesn't...