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Went to court ;evaded the scene; rear ending;other driver spooked me;judge said apply for accelerated rehab;prev dui; jail?
have brethalizer in vehicle, wasnt drunk. no drugs. no nothing.
You should at the very least set up a free consultation with an attorney to go over the facts of your case. Accelerated...
Do I have good chance of beating dwi charge. details below
I was charged with dwi on april 4th 2015 . I have cdl but was not operating commercial motor vehicle at the time.i asked officer if I had to be under .04 or .08 because I wasnt sure and he said he didn't know so I didn't take test . I think I would have passed .08 but wasn't sure if I had to be under .04.. also there was no fingerprints or anything taken which I thought was a mandatory thing I have dui in 1994 and 2004.
Thats depends on a number of factors, and, at least in New York, why you were stopped the steps leading up to the...
I recently got charged with dui in ct. I got one in 1994 and 2004 and charged in 2015 . is public defender or private recomended
did not do breathylizer in 2015. will there be a big difference in case . other than cost of course
For a third DUI you'd better hire an attorney. And, you'd need to qualify for appointed counsel in any event. Do you?
When charged with dui in ct are u supposed to be fingerprinted and if so what happens if your not
charged on april 4th
Yes Fingerprinting is standard part of booking process , but if they were unable to take them ( for example if person...
I received dui in 1994 and 2004 and got pulled over in 2015 will this be 1st 2nd or 3rd they are all in ct.
I didn't do test in 2015
That depends, I need more information. I assume you used the AEP program in 94, can not tell if you used it in 2004,...
I'm ineligible for accelerated rehab due to previous dwi. What can i do if i cant afford a lawyer? I am charged with evading.
I was rear ended and the other driver spooked me so i fled the scene...
You should reach out to your local county bar association. Most bar associations keep a list of low cost or pro bono...
My husband is interested in trying for a sentence modification for his fines. How do we/he go about this?
My husband was convicted of DWI (his 4th but one is over10 yrs old) and driving with a suspended license (3 counts) and was sentenced 6yrs suspended after 27mos w/3yrs probation and a huge fine. 2 yrs of that sentence is mandatory. He has served 18 mos of his sentence and is expected to get out in late January 2015. Where he will then have to pay his fines which were divided up through his 3 yrs of probation. I can not remember the exact amount but I'm pretty sure it is over $5,000. We are looking to do a sentence modification to get those fines reduced. Due to the fact that he is serving time right now we can not afford a lawyer and will need to so this ourselves. So we are looking for some advise on how to do this or how to get started. He had a public defender during his court case.
Generally speaking, when it comes to fines for DUIs, the fines are statutory and aren't capable of being reduced....