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My case has been opened for weeks now she hasn't shown up in 2 weeks does that mean its closed or do I get a letter???
People called on me for xanax abuse which I don't even take I took several drug test and past
I don't know who she is and so this question is confusing. Fight the case and hire a lawyer.
I had a DUI in 2013, I was told it was expunged. Moving forward in my CLER job search, do I say arrest n dui "NO" ever? or expun
Moving forward after ARD, DUI, "expunged"
If you went through ARD, then it was not a conviction, so if the question references convictions, the answer is no. If...
Three years ago I got a dui ticket and my hearing keeps getting postponed, for serquel and I AM still can I still be guilty.
I had a one car accident the cops are trying to say that I was high at the time of my wreck from seraquel . my bac 84.5, my achlol level was 0.0 I been waiting three years to find out if I am guilty, I am still driving well on my meds and have had no more accidents.
Its possible you can still be found guilty. Seems strange to have gone on this long. I assume you have an hired...
Does the CRN and Drug & Alcohol assessment (because of refusal) have to be completed before the ARD application is submitted
and a decision made?
It depends upon the county but generally those items need to be completed before you will be accepted into the ARD...
Why did I get a DUI, house arrest and probation when there was absolutely no alcohol in my blood. Only my doc presc. pain meds?
Failure to maintain direction was the reason being pulled over. I maintained my direction and was going 2mph under posted limit since there were children playing with a ball on the near sidewalk. Also in a town with massive potholes. My friend had marijuana under his seat after allowing the officer to do a search. It was also in my system from the test. I have no driving violations? Driving an expensive car in a small town, my problem? I had multiple reconstructive surgeries and live with many chronic pain conditions. I am now struggling to keep my job I'm at for almost 5 years with countless promotions. Something does not seem right including my deadbeat attorney I have to drag answers out of.
The best answer is to check with your attorney, though considering your description, that sounds less than ideal....
What does luzerne county do to people pulled over for no reason and stopped for a 2nd non dui related driving under suspension
Luzerne county
Luzerne County does nothing. Initially, a Magisterial District Judge will decide whether you are guilty or not guilty...
A friend out on parole for dui 6 years ago. got pulled over for a non Dui. driving on a suspended license.is there jail time
Will there be jail time
If it is in fact a non-DUI suspended license violation, there is no mandatory jail time. However, jail is technically a...