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I have I have a sister that was arrested years ago lost her driving privileges for 10 years third time DUI in New Jersey we wer?
I have a younger sister who was arrested three times for DUI what's the license for 10 years she started using drugs we got her into the hospital and she had bought two needles and crack cocaine into the hospital while we were waiting to get her into a rehab she was given a citation at the hospital for the illegal drugs what's going to happen to HUD driving privileges now when she goes to court
If she is found guilty of the possession of the crack she will probably lose her drivers license again unless she can...
I got my license suspended when I was 16 for 180 days. Is it 180 days from my court date? Or 180 days from my birthday?
I got a 500 dollar fine and my license suspended for 180 days.
You get it back 180 days after the court date IF you pay all fines, and pay the restoration fee to NJ MVC and they tell...
Can we sue bar/establishment for safety and over serving aggressive drunk guy, also sue the assaulter? 2 simple assaults he was
My fiance and I was assaulted from a overly drunk person at a bar/restaurant. The establishment knew he was drunk and over served him. We was their about 30 minutes when we started getting harassed. Bartender seen the guy push me and he got involved. I told bartender I was leaving as this guy is drunk. He said he will take care of guy. Me and my fiance leave and get in car. Next thing we know is drunk guy is opening passenger door of car and dragging my fiance out by wrist. I get out of driver seat and try and get my fiance. The drunk patron (he is pretty big guy) punched me and tackled me to the ground. I told my fiance to call 911, which she did. Police got their rather quickly, but drunk guy ran off. Police looked for him, but could not find him. From the assault, my fiance reviewed a sprain wrist (right one from being dragged out from passenger side) but main injuries was to me. I received a dislocated shoulder, torn tendon and a fractured rotator cuff. Police called for ambulance and told me to come down to police station when I can. 2 days later (pain was that bad) we went down too local police stationed, informed them of what happened and described the guy to them.
Speak with a local personal injury attorney about this. Hopefully, the cops will find out who the guy was and he will...
Is it possible to not serve jail time if someone is charged with 4 separate DUI's in a months time? All cases are pending.
An individual has a valid driver's license but is charged with 4 seperate DUI's in a months time period in 3 separate municipalities. All are a result from suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, no motor vehicle accidents occurred, no criminal charges (possession, etc.) were pressed and the individual has displayed efforts to get themselves clean.
This is impossible to answer at this point. Moe info is needed to answer this question such as the persons prior...
I have a ticket for driving on suspended license for DWI for first time. And no registration. Can it downgraded with a lawyer?
I moved a car from where I live from the driveway to the street to park it.
You may not drive a car for any reason if your license is suspended, even for that short a distance. If it’s suspended...
I have a third DUI in the state of New Jersey which state can I obtain a drivers license
I have a third DUI in the state of New Jersey which state can I obtain a drivers license
The various States share Drivers License information and honor each others restrictions.
If I was prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor, am I permitted to use the medicine as it may come up in a test?
I took an unconditional discharge. 7 month liscense suspicion... 1 yr unsupervised probation. I understand I can be drug tested randomly.
Yes. If the doctor gave you a prescription for marijuana it's perfectly legal to use it. You should get a card from...