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I got a DUI in nj on 12/21/13...this is my first offense and I have a clean record otherwise...I tried to do the sobriety tests but have problems with both my knees and my right foot and informed officers of this I also attempted to blow into the breathalyzer once but ended up refusing because four officers were yelling in my face...how do I go About affording a lawyer whose payment plan is less then 1,000 a month or applying for a public defender
Use "Find a Lawyer" section of this website
It is her first offense. He was the one who picked her up at the police station. The car is registered in his name.
He may be charged with allowing someone to drive drunk.
If he does, how do I apply for interlock device
It will not likely be retroactive. This will more than likely be a law which will be applied as of a particular future...
My brother got stopped 3 times within 3 months driving with a suspended license. What is he facing when he goes to court?
Since this is under DUI, the courts are not very tolerant of even one of these in NJ. However, with three, if found...
On the State of NJ MVC website, , it states that for a 3rd and subsequent DUI, an ignition interlock device to be installed during license suspension and for 1-3 yrs following restoration. Does this mean a person would be able to drive during license suspension? If so, how would I get one? I have 4 DUI's, last one was 10 yrs ago
No, it is added protection during your suspension so that if you have a bad idea to drive while under the influence, it...
First offense DUI and refusal to take breathalyzer
The only person who can tell you how much time you will have to serve is the Judge when they sentence you. An...
Interlock device and restricted licenses
Still pending. I would not count on a new law very soon.