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Did the arresting officer have probable cause to initiate a traffic stop which resulted in a DUI 1 arrest?
I was driving correctly in Mendenhall, Mississippi, on July 1, met a patrol car on the street, and he immediately did a U-turn and pulled me over. He stated, "I've had a call about you," which was his reason for stopping me. I had earlier backed into a ditch while turning around, received help from several people getting pulled out, so that must have been the source of his "call." Does that constitute probable cause for his stopping me?
More information is needed to make this determination. The audio is probably what we call the caretaking function as...
Will i get in major trouble from failing a drug test from secondhand smoking pot?
I was with some friends and they were smoking pot in a small shed and i was there to make sure nothing went wrong. And when i got home my mom informed me i have a drug test on tuesday. And im positive im gonna fail it. but this will be my first failed drug test.
If you are on probation, a failed test will violated you. If you are on Pretrial Release, yes you are in trouble....
Can i fight this. Can you be charged for public drunk in your yard and also with dog in large?
i live in gautier ms.. i was in my yard and got charged with dog in large and public drunk.
No to the public drunk. Consult with one of us local attorneys and see how we can help you. Many of us offer free...
My son was sentenced in 2008 20 years 7 suspended 13 to serve? he got out in 7 went to fl got in trouble did two extradited him
back here probation violation and hizs sentencig order says 20 years 7 suspended 13 to do credit for time served,but he didnt get credit for the seven years he did they have him as though he just commited crime 1st probation violation 13 years /i am having hard time trieing to get this straight please in the name of god tell me what i have to do thank you
Impossible to answer without all the judgments and sentences for all his cases knowing his credit or good time.
How can I be arrested while walking for a dui and can I sue
I was walking up to my boy car and they had him pulled over all of a sudden another officer pulls up and arrest me for dui while walking
Based on your facts, no. Check your ticket and double-check to make sure it is a DUI and not a public drunk or other...
What are some possible outcomes regarding my possession charge?
I was pulled over and the cop found a blunt and a grinder. During the incident, I got angry and started cursing at him and he pulled me with more force than necessary and I pulled away from him and he proceeded to grab my arm again, this time I complied and he starting twisting my arm and he said, verbatim, "I am about to make your life miserable." Then we drove to the jail and so on. With all that being said, what are some scenarios that could play out? I'm pretty sure I'll get some fines, but I'm most worried about my license being suspended, or worse, going back to jail.
It's difficult to speculate about possible outcomes without knowing the exact charges. You could be facing anything...
Will I be randomly drug tested on unsupervised probation?
I was put on unsupervised probation for 3 yrs in MS and I want to know if I will be called in to do a drug test at random. Can someone report me to the judge if they see me smoking?
How bad to you want to use? Is it worth possibly 3 years in jail? You CAN be subjected to random screens and people...