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How can I be charged for DUI refusal but, had to do a field sobriety test due to "a odor of marijuana"...
I was just leaving work when a cop heard my music with his windows up and two semi-trailers beside me and the officer seeing my front bumper mirror tag pulled behind me and followed me through two red lights before blue lighting me now keep in mind just left work and was not swerving, seat belt was on, and drove with no problems but, he said due to probable cause he could search my vehicle just for an odor of marijuana now I did smoke a roach not even the size of my pinky which can and does not impair even the average smoker but, regardless he made me walk the line, follow his pen tip, and stand on one foot and said I failed but I have a club foot have medical papers to prove this. So how was I charged for DUI with no driving violations??
Check with one of the many fine attorneys in Georgia to confirm your rights and options. Generally, if the elements of...
I missed court for a DUI case what can i do?
I had to go to go to court on august 11, 2009 but i missed out on it due to my wife being at the hospital about to give birth. I called today(january 26, 2010) and they told me i can go to court on thursday(january 28, 2010).do u think im going to get sent to jail?...i cant go to jail and leave my family...im the only one that works can u help me???
You probably already have a bench warrant that has been issued based on your prior failure to appear back in August....
I got a DUI in VA but had a Georgia license
I got a DUI in VA while having a Georgia license, since the DUI my GA license has expired. I never got a VA license but I did get an ID card. I was told by someone that I would not have to go through the hoops that VA has in place for DUI offenders because Georgia is not under the interstate compact, and the DUI will not effect my ability to have a license. Is this true? Thank you.
Even though Georgia is not a member of the Interstate Compact, there is still the National Driver Register which is a...
How long is the statute of limitations for a DUI in Georgia?
I was arrested with DUI less safe 26mos ago. I have not received a letter of accusation from Fulton co. yet. It has been over 2 years since my arrest. I do have a lawyer & have heard nothing on that end as well.
Contact your lawyer with your inquiry.
Can chasing a dui hit and run suspect down from escape help me with my own dui?
I am currently awaiting trial for a dui hit and run. My attorney feels that it's not a very strong case the state has, anyway today my wife and I were driving home when a car sped passed us cut someone off then hit a car. Then drive away from that and head on into another car. ThE passengers in that car were hurt pretty bad. The guy got out and tried to walk away from scene. I jump on my phone with 911 and follow the guy about a mile away on foot until officers arrived. My wife stayed and pulled the two injured out of the car they were stuck in. Awesome thing for her to do being 5 mths pregnant with twins. But what I'm curious to know is it possible for this unfortunate situation to help my current case at all in any way? In my case I bumped a parked car and had paint transfer. I denied all sobriety tests and no one was hurt like what happend today. I'd ask my attorney but she is on maternity leave.
It's shows good moral character, which would help in sentencing, but I don't necessarily see your case going that far along.
Arresting Officer Found To Be Drunk The Night Of My Arrest. What Can I Do ?
I was told I was pulled over because of failure to stop. The arresting officer said he found brass knuckles , weed , and two xanax pills. I didnt have brass knuckles , do not recall any xanax , but weed under 1oz was mine. The officer was found to be drunk the night i was arrested and fired. What can i do about these made up charges ?
Well, it is likely that the case may be dismissed as the officer's credibility has been impacted negatively. I would...
How does statue of limititations work on a dui in Georgia,since mine has been 12 year's?
Never been to court first time this comeing Tuesday the 9 th.
Did you miss your court date 12 years ago? If so, then the statute of limitations is irrelevant.