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How could CPS take you kids if I tested positive and they tested my kids hair. Is it true if it comes back positive for weed.
I tested positive and they done hair samples on my kids is it possible that NY kids can get removed asap
It is possible. If the petition a judge and show that the children are in immediate danger of irreparable harm, then a...
Does a DWI show up on your MVR if in Louisiana diversion program?
Currently applying for a job that will pull my MVR. I know that the arrest is probably on my criminal but will it show up on my motor vehicle record if I am currently enrolled in a Pre-trial diversion program and my license hasn't been suspended yet?
It shows up until you complete diveraion, hire an attorney and have it expunged.
Anyway to get around license suspension after DWI arrest
Got arrested for a DWI back in Feb, my lawyer recommended going through the Pretrial diversion program. Is there anyway to get around the license suspension?
Louisiana law allows for an administrative hearing regarding the suspension of your license. However, the time to...
I was arrested in March 2017 my charges was possession of scheduled II ( adderall) but they were not mine I was the passenger
I was a passenger in a vehical of a so called " friend" when the driver noticed he was getting pulled over he threw what is now known to be 10 adderallls that was in a plastic bag under the passenger seat whrre I was sitting. Driver didn't wait for the police to come to the vehical driver got out and proceed to tell the officer that (me) the passenger had adderall under the seat on my side. So officer came on passenger side asked me to get out of the vehical and proceeded to tell me I was being detained another officer went straight to the passenger side and looked directly under the seat where then the officer picked up the plastic bag of pills and then told me.being it was on my side of the truck then I had to be charged with it. This is my first offince of being in possession of scheduled II drug I spent 3 days in jail bonded out paid over $1,000 to bondsman at time I was released. I need to know when should i get my court date and how or if I can fight this
You will get a court date when the court sends one. In the meantime, you should be speaking with local criminal...
I think I may have been wrongfully convicted of drinking and driving what do I do?
I was involved in a car accident that didn't hurt anyone. I was the only person on the road and it was raining and my car spun out of control. When the cop picked My up and gave me my breathalyzer test indicated a 0.9 bac. I was a heavy smoker at the time I took my test nearly 2 packs a day. I know that this factor can ultimately hurt me in my case. i'm also only 20 years old I was 19 at the time I took the test. I don't smoke anymore though. My lawyer that my parents had to pay 1500 dollars for seemed like he did absolutely nothing for me I had the same results as everyone else in the court room. I've done plenty of reading on what a skilled dui lawyer can possibly accomplish yet nothing happened. Now I'm stuck in position that's ruining my life financially because I will most likely being paying about 3 grand total when all said and done. I was convicted only 2 days ago. I also live in Louisiana one of the hardest states that give dui convictions is there anything I can possibly do? Do I have any options ? Please help !
You dont tell us how you were convicted. Trial? Plea deal? You talk about the effects of blood alcohol and smoking...
What's going to happen if I recently on Jan 28th of this year got pulled over for my 3rd dwi and then got a ticket for speeding?
I got my 3rd dwi but haven't gotten a court date yet for it, so not on probation, and just recently April 17 gotten a ticket for speeding?
1. charges filed 2. prosecuted or no charges filed. 3. work with Criminal Defense Attorney 4. negotiated plea or set...
Deputy sheriff arrested my husband who was rear ended by another vehicle and got arrested for DUI after passing the breathalyzer
My husband was involved in a 3 vehicle accident. He was rear ended and the car was pushed towards a vehicle that suddenly stop in front of him. The airbags never deployed in our Mercedes and he hit his head and arm. I went to the scene to get my husband and to help him after I hear he hit his head. The deputy was trying to force him to write a statement. I told him that he had 3 surgeries on his wrist last year and that he just hit his hand again during the accident. I offer to assist to write the statement and he was rude to me. He told me that he needed to try to do it himself and asked me to leave and go to my car. There was other people with the person that rear ended my husband, but he didn't asked them to leave. We are assuming because they were black like the deputy. After he hit his head, the deputy use the breathalyzer on my husband, but not the person who rear ended him. Then he proceed to make him walk in uneven gravel. He passed 6 out of the 7 sobriety test. The only test he fail was the one in where he made him walk in uneven gravel. He arrested my husband for DUI and he spend 3 days in jail until the judge let him go on his own with no bond. The case got dropped.
I am pretty sure there is a question in there somewhere? I am sorry he was treated in such a manner. He may have a...