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I was charged with dui do I have the right to ask for the maintance history and source code for the Breathalyzer used
I was pulled over for speeding and charged with dui have no money for laywer I am trying to gather helpful info
That's a good question, one with a somewhat complicated answer. As a general rule, defendants charged with...
I went to court almost 2 years ago I was convicted of two dwis I did everything I supposed to do and my licence was restored in
I just received a letter that my licence will be suspended as of tomorrow because the court held one of my dwis for a year in a half and now turned it into the dove. I have had my licence for a year and a half with no infractions now they want to suspend it. Can this be right? Can they do that?
I suggest that you go straight to the source, call the good folks at NC-DOT at 919-715-7000 and ask them directly....
How much does it coast to get a open container ticket off my mvr report
I got a open container ticket 41/2 years ago ,In alicense check the beer can was in the back floor board of the truck in a bag thanks roger
While I am not licensed to practice law in the State of North Carolina and am not familiar with the laws of that State,...
How can i prove that i took dui classes
I took dui classes in 2008 paid all fines and fees an got my license back a week later got cdl permit but never put to use..fast forward 9 years find trucking company willing to train me so i do application for another cdl permit everything goes fine application accepted take test but don't pass 1 part told to come back the next day.. come back next day to retest and was told i can't take test i have to have some number merge with my current license because my dwi classes was put under whatever number they taking about saying it'll take 10 days. 9 days later my license suspended and they telling me i have to do classes..if i didnt do classes i wouldn't have a license right..just ruin my life after doing and paying everything the courts asked out me.. What do i do now
Obviously DUI classes are not cheap (intentionally to deter future DUI). Did you pay by check? Credit Card? Records...
What recourse do I have for unreported conviction , dui, over 13 years old?
I went in for a dmv hearing. I had apparently 3 convictions but only 2 ever reported. The most recent 2010-which I completed a 4 year suspension. When dmv was pulling my record to prepare for my hearing , they came across the “conviction “ from 13 years prior at the time. This was not presented during my last court case and we decided to settle as i thought the prior case was dismissed. I checked it all with DMV back then and reinstated. I requested records but they don’t have them. All was fine until the level 5, 2007-8then the level 2. 2010. Well due to the failure to report I got stuck in the 10 year clause which resulted in a interlock for 7 years. The judge of my last case only mandated 1 year IID i have it going on 4 years now. Seems the ball was dropped. I have a right to proper reporting . I will say i was 5 years sober when I went for my hearing and have been ever since. Going on 9 years now. Do i have any recourse to have the interlock removed. I believe I have served my time and suffered dearly then and still very limited. I just want to move on with my life. My driving record was restacked and makes it look like i was illegal when it was due to the failure to report.
I don't see why you'd want to report your own crime but ask the court for an abstract.
When will the state dismiss a DUI due to the longevity of the case?
I was charged with a DUI in 04/2015. My blood results came back with Morphine in my system. That being said, I have come into new information that many females were drugged with GHB that night so I have requested that the state test my blood again. It has now been almost 3 years so at what point will the state just dismiss if this takes too long?
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I’m in the Army and got a DUI on base. What can I expect.
Pulled for speeding 34 in a 25...they smelled alcohol so did a breathalyzer. Blew a .09.
You can expect that court will be at the Federal Courthouse which is located above the main post office downtown on...