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Asap drug violation on first dui
I was aressted for 1st DUI got 12 months jail time 11 month 10 days suspended.no probation. Yes asap. I started asap today and failed my drug test. What are the most likely actions that will happen?
I recommend that you consult with your attorney that represented you on the original DUI charge. He/she will be the...
Can I beat my dui
I did not get pulled over I was helping out a friend I had gotten out of my vehicle and it was off when copes approached me and smelt alcohol they did a sobriety check and wrote me a dui ? Shouldn't I have gotten drunk in public
Where were the keys? Did you admit to having driven the car and how long ago you drove? Anything you say can be used...
Is it possible to get no jail time, with a first offence dui. Or hopefully get the charge lessen to a reckless.
I'm am 21, and this dui is my first offence. I only have had one speeding ticket in the past five years, and I'm a very safe driver. I was heading home from a friends house after I had between two and three drinks. I was in an accident, because I thought I saw something move outside to the right of my car, when I looked back I was going threw a stop sign slamming on my brakes. I ended up in a ditch arcoss the road. I had two other passengers in the car with me, but none of us were hurt. I had waited at my friends house for almost two hours before I drove and I felt fine. I blew a 0.81, and spent the night in jail. I was very respectful to all the officers and did everything I was told. I have contacted an attorney, as of today one day after I got out of jail. Is it possible I have a chance
I do not practice in VA, but the policy on reduction of DWI to a lesser charge generally varies from state to state and...
I have a courtdate to show cause 21 July as to why I souldnt server the origianal 90 for DUI 1
Question is: my DUI 1 was on Sept 1 2009...I recvd a suspended 90 days and got restricted dl. I got another DUI in Nov of same year on my restricted DL. Long story....went to court and was sentanced to 6mo with all but 20 suspended...did my 20....now...after already serving for the 2nd one...I get a summons to show cause why i should not serve the original 90 for violating the 1st one in Sept...Im confused...when I went in front of the Judge for the 2nd he knew it was the 2nd...so why all of a sudden come after me for violating the 1st? Im trying to get my life together..no money for lawyer. Court is Tomm at 8am...what do I expect? Will the Judge give me time to get a court lawyer or will he just throw me in there tomm right away? This all just seems so unfair.
You're confusing issues. When you were sentenced on your 1st DUI and given a 90 day jail sentence, the Court suspended...
If you are already enrolled in VAASAP and outpatient treatment for a first DUI at the time of court for a second DUI combine?
I got my first DUI about 2 months ago in Spotsylvania and pleaded guilty and now am in ASAP and have also been referred to an outpatient program on top of that. A month after getting the first DUI I then got a second one in Fredericksburg. I spent 33 days in jail having revoked my bond in Spotsylvania for getting arrested for the first. In the end, Spotsylvania only deducted 5 days from my jail time. My question is can Fredericksburg count the remaing time for my mandatory 20 days and does the outpatient and VAASAP carry over for the Fredericksburg charges as well? I am currently on pretrial services for the Fredericksburg charges including the AnyTrax motoring system. Fredericksburg let me bond out even though I had the Spotsylvania charges because I have epilepsy (and by the way had a seizure and was taken to the ER at the time of arrest). I have a complicated case and it's very frustrating when my court appointed has no time to discuss with me except for 5 mins before court. Any information would be helpful.
You need to address your concerns and questions with your lawyer. He or she is in the best position to give you answers...
What can I do to get my citizenship with 2 DUI a within the last 5 years ?
I m permanent resident from 2009 and I wanna apply for citizenship but I had 2 DUI s in my record , so what should I do ?
Two DUIs within the last five years will render you ineligible as lacking "good moral character", however, you may...
Do they give a UA at a DUI court review session for compliant, non-drug related defendants?
DUI First Offense. Pleaded guilty and have done all the Judge has asked of me so far. Going to my first DUI court review session and wanted to know if they do a UA in the actual court? No drug issues or offenses, still in pain from the accident my drinking caused and was going to take something for pain so I can be well rested for the review hearing in the morning. My next screening will be over a week from now when I go for treatment intake. No issues passing that one or previous ones I have had.
Is it possible that you could be urine tested in court? Yes it is possible (depending on the conditions of your...