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I was convicted of a DUI in Rifle Co. Sentenced to 1 year of Probation . 48 hrs. of community service. 52 hours of Alcohol Therapy . 12 hours of Alcohol Education. I have completed all assignments. I have 4 classes left of Alcohol Therapy. Apparently my Therapy teacher told my Probation Officer I must be on Drugs because I am inattentive in Class. HELP !
"Inattentive" is no violation. Testing positive is. What "ambush" ? You are on probation. Stay drug free.
i plead guilty to a felony theft charge because i was told that was the only way i could get out of jail last year. and i needed to get out to see my wife and children who needed me. also about a week ago i was charged with a dui. i didnt take a b.a. test because i get freaked out when im around cops and im not the most cooperative but i am respectful always.i spent the night in jail and had to have my mother bail me out. on mothers day. horrible. i need help to fight this. i am already on probation and do not need another charge otherwise im sure they will lock me up again. and i cant do that because i have a wife and 2 kids that depend on me. can anyone help me find someone who will help me? im practically broke. but i will pay every last dime i can spare towards getting me out of this.
That is the purpose of the Public Defender's Office, to represent indigent or broke people. There simply will be no way...
Was told by colorado state patrole that we stop useing urian as a form of chemical testing when he asked me to give him chemical test.After I refused my road sides
I don't know the exact time frame but it is a trend statewide to move away from urine test in favor of blood tests....
i have read that there are no more dui-d laws and they fall under dui statues and dui law still states that i have an elect choice of blood breath or urine.dui-d paragraph dose not state eather way my choice or officers choice of blood urine or saliva. please help me under stand
DUI-D has always been part of the DUI law. The officer chooses, not you.
a friend was pulled over for not STOPPING at a flashing yellow traffic signal, although he did slow down. he was told he had to stop for flashing yellow and was given a dui. the law says to treat flashing yellow like a yield sign, do you think he can get thrown out?
Is it possible? YES. Unfortunately, the law governing search and seizure (the stopping of the car) is too complex for...
The reasons for being pulled over each time were for minor traffic violations.
JAIL. Lots and lots of jail. 3 offenses within 3 years in El Paso County and you will be extremely lucky to only get 6...
I was charged with DUI/DUI per se for drinking a beer inside of my parked car. We had our doors open for airflow with our legs sticking out and my keys were in my pocket. The officer, who rode up to the side of my car on a bicycle, wrote in his police report that I had the keys in the ignition. He flat out LIED! This officer was a complete jerk from the beginning of the ordeal. They cuffed me, didn't read Miranda rights to me, and took back to the police station where I blew a 0.105 BAC. My friend (and witness) who was in the car with me when this happened wrote a statement re-emphasizing that the keys were NOT in the ignition. How can they convict me of a DUI if it's mine and my friend's word against a cop's word?
Simply put, because the jury gets to assess the credibility of any witness and they believed the officer over you and...