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Will a traffic infraction sheet list if I was arrested for DUI?
I wrecked my car driving home one night, a police officer found me and when offered the sobriety test I refused. I refused later at the court house. 2 weeks later I get a traffic infraction notice saying I have a ticket for driving with wheels off roadway. Does this mean I am not being charger with a dui or is that dealt with separately?
There are 2 separate processes for charging traffic infractions and crimes. The officer decides whether or not to...
How does the dmv know if you have been arrested? Has my DMV hearing been "set aside"?
Four months ago I was arrested for a drug DUI that was dropped to a Neg 1. I never received a dmv hearing notice from the arresting officer, my license was never confiscated, and even two weeks after my court conviction I still haven't received anything from the DMV. I don't want to arouse suspicion by calling the dmv or the court. Just curious if the dmv will know of my arrest if the court finally sends an conviction abstract or not.
Your license will not be suspended for a neg. 1 but it may have been suspended if you had a BAC of .08 or refused to...
Can Montana extradite her back to Montana for a misdemeanor
My friend got a Dui in Montana but lives in Washington
States don't usually extradite for misdemeanors due to the relatively minor nature of the crime versus the costs involved.
"Minor intoxicated in public place"
I'm asking if I can use my 1 deferral for this misdaminor or not. It was cougar football game day and I was not very intoxicated I was walking with a group of friends and I was pushed into the road and a cop immediately grabbed and detained me I thought it was for jay walking or something, I was never breathalyed never eye tested or anything he let me go with a ticket and that was the end of it. I'm confused on how he can even say I was intoxicated? Is it his word against mine in the court and I am gonna get a lawyer but if I don't need to spend the cash on one I don't want to.
You're charged with a crime. You could possibly eventually receive a deferred sentence, but you can't "use your one...
What happens if i get a dui in washington but have a CA drivers license?
I got a dui in washington state had a CA drivers license was just visiting they checked my CA record and i have a dui and exibition of speed in CA so withe the washington dui i was put on habitual traffic offender 3 charges within 5 years suspended for 7 in washington i never had a washington license ever had to stay in washington for 3 years because of probation i lived in california though washington doesnt have a exibition of speed law so they changed it to racing which i nvr raced anyone in my life they also gave me a license number in Wa then suspended it no my ca license number making as if i applied for a license in Wa now cant drive legally til oct 2018 this happened in 2009 this has ruined my life is this legal?
I am not licensed to practice law in Washington. I am so licensed in California and what you describe is similar (but...
Is it illegal to run while intoxicated.
running while drunk
It is illegal to be in public while intoxicated.
I had a DUI amended to a Negligent Driving 2nd degree three years ago. Will I have a NCIC record with the FBI now?
I know I can get a WA state expungement, but how does this affect NCIC checks for professional licenses and or background checks at the Federal level?
Negligent driving 2 is a traffic infraction, not a crime. RCW 46.61.526-527. You can check with the FBI if you want...