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But he has an projected release day and its on the 03/23/14,can that be true what the judge said that he should be out before his court date??
It is impossible to predict exactly when he will be released. Only the jail controls that date. Plan on the March...
I felt to sleep in a parking lot with the car off ,police came did sobriety test,blood test and gave me a DUI citation.What will I be expecting this time in court.I took care of the two previous dui and no probation.
A third DUI within ten years has some stiff mandatory penalties. You can expect a minimum offer of 120 days of jail to...
The DMV said the blood test came back at .04 and the court says no charges were filed can I get my impound fees back?? There was no reason for the stop ... Other than to harass him and collect money
The court may have said no charges were filed but the Prosecutor has 1 year to file charges. If your son was given a "...
They made him take a blood test as well ... .04 ... DMV said there was no need for a hearing and so far no case shows up ... What about his impound fees etc...
How old is your son ? What were the blood results ? Speak with an attorney ASAP .
They told him if he didn't agree to a blood test his license would automatically be suspended for three years...so he complied... Is this correct..?
Assuming he does not have any prior arrests and is over 21 this is incorrect. A refusal to submit to a chemical test...
After a DUI charge, I had a DMV hearing in which I was denied from saving my license. My BAC was on the lower end (.09%) and my driving record is clean, yet I received 4 months suspension! I ALSO gave info that I had been drinking AFTER I had driven (officers came to my door after being reported in a minor collision) and that would show that my BAC would have been lower. They claimed it to be false and that I had reported to arresting officers that I hadn't had alcohol, a question I do not remember being asked or answering to. There was a minor accident involving another vehicle with no injuries and some minor damage. There must be a way to keep my license or at least lessen the ridiculously stiff time period.
You can file a writ to appeal.the decision, in addition to filing for departmental review but that is less likely to be...
A minor collision occurred while driving that I did not notice (Paint was scraped and music drowned out the sound) Officers arrived at my home about 30 minutes after I had gotten home and in between arriving home and their arrival, I had consumed more alcohol in my home (1 can beer). I completely failed to mention this to the officers as it skipped my mind with all the other things that were happening at once.
Did they ever ask you if you had something to drink at home? Important to know this.