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I was charged with DUI in August 2010, after this I got very sick and had to have brain surgery. How do I take care of this now
Being unemployed and have seizures I was not able to take care of my fine. I have since started receiving social security benefits and have been released by my doctors. I am ready to take care of this matter.
Retain an attorney who practices in your area to help you. Good luck. I'm glad the brain surgery seemingly went well.
DUI case filed 10 months later DMV giving me my license back on May 20th after a year?
Hello, I'm kinda confused last April I was convicted of a DUI with minor bodily harm just a scratch on the other person my license was suspended for a year on May 20th well it's almost May 20th and I called the DMV last week and they stated I was eligible to get it back May 20th the problem is my case isn't over and my attorney is still going to court for me and doesn't expect it to end until June-July which means I haven't been convicted my question is will I be able to get my license May 20th as long as I'm doing the AA's the court is asking of me now? please any help is appreciated!
This is a good question for your attorney because they would know the most about your case. It sounds like you're...
Last octuber i got dwi without drivers license in Minnesota and i currently live in California.
i guess i have one year probation on Minnesota but what i would like to know it's it possible for me to get. A California drive license?
It is possible. First off, I would clarify what your obligations are in Minnesota and what are the consequences there....
How can I not get my license suspended due an out-of-state violation cited while I was on a restricted license?
I got cited a move over law violation in Arizona while driving a client from CA to there (as part of my employment) under a restricted license issued by CA due to my DUI conviction. What should I do to not get my license suspended?
It sounds like you were driving within the restrictions of your DUI . You need an attorney in AZ to deal with that...
The judge gave my boyfriend 192 days,the judge gave him his court day on 02/06/14,and the judge said "he should be out by then".
But he has an projected release day and its on the 03/23/14,can that be true what the judge said that he should be out before his court date??
It is impossible to predict exactly when he will be released. Only the jail controls that date. Plan on the March...
I got a DUI in 1999,a second one on 2005 and the third on 2013,I took care of the first and second.How will I be affected with 3
I felt to sleep in a parking lot with the car off ,police came did sobriety test,blood test and gave me a DUI citation.What will I be expecting this time in court.I took care of the two previous dui and no probation.
A third DUI within ten years has some stiff mandatory penalties. You can expect a minimum offer of 120 days of jail to...
My son was arrested for a DUI .. Blew a .06 he's over 21
The DMV said the blood test came back at .04 and the court says no charges were filed can I get my impound fees back?? There was no reason for the stop ... Other than to harass him and collect money
The court may have said no charges were filed but the Prosecutor has 1 year to file charges. If your son was given a "...