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Aggravated DUI
currently on a un-supervised 2 year deferred sentence, probation
What's the question? I see only statements
Can I be charged with a second dui if my first dwi was in another state?
I was pulled over for dwi in Texas 5 years ago and was recently pulled over in Oklahoma for dui. Can this be held as my second offense in Oklahoma?
Yes, the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution will allow a conviction from one state to be...
Moved to Oklahoma from North Carolina Dwi
Back in 2010 I got a dwi in NC paid my court cost did my Community service and did the substance-abuse classes had to have the interlock device but my car was repo with 3 months only did well I moved out of state to Oklahoma in 2012 and just figure I go for my license will I need the device when I go to get a Oklahoma DL?
It depends on whether they connect NC to OK. If you didn't have a car during the interlock period. You should be able...
Need advice on what to do being 19 with a first offense DUI
I was in an accident no one was injured but admitted I had been drinking and got charged with a DUI no insurance and an expired tag. I haven't went to court yet and need advice on the best thing to do
The best thing to do is hire an attorney to get you the best results.
Can you get arrested for being intoxicated while being in the passenger seat of the car if you are underage. Can she be arrested
Some of my friends were driving and were pulled over for having the fog lights on. They had been lightly drinking except the driver. The officer said that it smelled like alcohol but it was over an hour after they were drinking. The owner of the car was in the passenger seat but he breathalyzed all four of them and arrested just the owner, can they arrest the person even though they weren't driving?
Yes she can be arrested. It's illegal for a minor to have ANY amount of alcohol in their system.
What can they charge me with exactly when I have 3 driving while revoked?
I have 3 no Insurance, 2 were dropped, 1 minor without a helmet, 3 no tag , and 3 driving while revoked. I have no prior records. How will this affect me?
They are minor traffic violations basically but you don't want them on your record. You should hire an attorney to...
I was arrested almost 9 years ago for a dui my job is putting me on their car insurance is it going to show up in the backgroun
I was arrested because I was in a very bad situation with an ex boyfriend. Is it going to show up on my background check
Get a background check through osbi. Google it. Costs $15. That will tell you what's on record with Oklahoma law...