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I got an aggravated DUI, because I ran my pickup out of gas and went into the bar to drink and came back out and couldnt make it home so I passed out in my pickup. Is there any statutes that state what an operational vehicle is? I want to see if... because the pickup was out of gas if I can get out of this some way. In my opinion a vehicle needs fuel and if it doesnt have fuel its as useless as a rock on the ground. There would have been nothin I could do to be in complete control of the pickup if it was out of gas. I blew a .225 where in MT legal limit is .08. This is my first offense against the law ever and cant have this on my record. PLEASE HELP! I have not found an attourney yet.
Consult with a local defense attorney. Most lawyers offer free consultations.
I was stopped for speeding and received a DUI. I willingly gave blood for the BAC, because I could not blow enough for the other one. This is my 1st DUI charge. I was also fined for open container.
It is possible to get a dui lowered. However every case is different, it is best to consult with an experienced local...
Got pulled over for out tail lamp and smelled of alcohol. I was asked to perform several sobriety tests, and took a breath test. I blew a .12 on the field, and was recorded at the station as a .104. I was very cooperative and was not belligerent. I am a current college student who has little to no money, but I want to fight to get this off my record so my future record is not ruined. I am concerned on my feasibility to plead to a lesser offense, and if it would be worth it to pay for a lawyer. A lawyer I talked to didn't sound very interested in my case, and I didn't know if it was because he wanted my money or if he truly didn't believe I had a chance. Would a public defender still be willing to help me? I would appreciate any help I could receive!!
Sure a public defender will help you. The question is not a public defender versus private attorney but rather who has...
I was at work. My son was only one home. Probation officer showed up. First looked in the outdoor dumpster and saw empty crushed cans in there. Nothing in the house. I collect aluminum cans for recycling. People know this and will drop them in my dumpster for me to then pull out and bagged up for recycling. The probation officer is under the assumption that there is drinking going on in the home. If she puts him in jail over this assumption, is it legal?
To give you a certain answer i would have to see all the conditions of probation your son signed at the time he was...
I got arrested for DUI but they just handed my I'd back with out telling me if it had been suspened my court date isnt for another few days and I need my car.
Yes you can but make sure you are sober, you should hire an attorney asap
I have a warant for probation violation in Tenn Memphis. I am currently on a 4 year probation here in Mt. almost complete. I have served 13 months for the 4th one a felony conviction. 6months DOC. in WATCH program Treatment center. How can I rsolve the Tenn violation in Helena Mt. So I may drive again Thanks. Getmy life back. Thank you Do I need a lawyer for this ?
To resolve the Tennessee violation you will need a lawyer there. That might be hanging up you getting a license here....
I believe I can get a probationary drivers license back after 3 months. Is this correct?
Check with your local department of motor vehicles. You do not need to ask an attorney this,