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IM FROM HAVERTOWN, DELCO COUNTY.....BUT ITS HAPPENED IN COSTEVILLE, CHESTER COUNTY.....LAST THING...THIS WILL BE my 3rd...but its not there no more, longer than 10yrs before if the 2nd count AS 2nd.....i DOUBT IT.....sp iThink this will be my 2nd....plz email me to tell how much cuz i cannot drive around. Thanks Guy
Call some criminal defense lawyers in Chester County on Monday. Some may quote you a price on the phone but I doubt...
Just got 3 dui at the same time...3802A*(lead).....3802A2*.......3802B*.......and other (S)
i am currently holding an OLL license. But i need to go to homedepot and get some tools. i came out drove half way home & arresting me for DUI. couple days later, mail was home , (as i describe above)...My ques is ,....any Lawyer out there could low charges down to Tier 1 ? also could you ask DA to make it home address.....Last is Erase all the Summary ?? Never know that is so Serious. THANKS
Two of the charges you are facing are Tier 1. The other, 3802(b) is a Tier 2. It is possible to lower it if the facts...
Can Judge change my husbands DUI from 1st offense to 4th offense
My husband was pulled over last week and when I reviewed his charges on the Court Case Information online, I see he was charged with DUI (1st Offense) and 5 others...Well technically this is his 4th offense. He was found guilty on all previous DUI (3 of them in the past 10-15 years).My question is Can the judge/pa legally change his DUI charge from 1st to 4th Offense
First you want to make sure your husband talks with and hires a qualified DUI attorney in this County. Many times when...
How should I handle an underage drinking charge?
I grabbed a single beer out of my fathers fridge on my birthday to celebrate my 18th birthday with my cousin. We went to his house, I drank it with dinner, and took the empty bottle with me, so as to not allow my Aunt see it in the trash and blame my cousin. My cousin and I pulled up infront of my house and wrapped up the conversation we had been having when police cars pull up behind us. I'm taking to the station after they see the empty beer bottle in my hand, and after I blow a 0.00% in a breathalyzer. I want to know what I should say to the judge, I don't want a record and I want to mitigate my fine to save money for college next year. What should I do?
What you will likely hear first from any attorney is this: STOP POSTING to this site. Go seek competent counsel. A...
Will my Pa real estate license be denied because of my 2 DUI's ( 1998, 2007)?
I've completed all sentencing requirements and my drivers license was reinstated in 2010.
I don't think so. I've never heard of anyone being denied their real estate license because of DUI convictions in my...
Got a dui in philadelphia in 2003 and never went to court is there a statue of limitations should everything be cleared by now
i also had a dui in 1999 in havertown,pa.
Not likely. There is a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations applies between the time of the incident...
I was arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania. I declined the field sobriety test and asked for a chemical test. The state trooper was insisting on taking me to their hospital of choosing. I wanted to be taken to a hospital in the area that I chose. I did not refuse the chemical test I refused to be taken to the hospital of their choosing. I kept insisting that it's my right to be taken to a physician of my choosing. They documented that I refused the chemical test. There was no actual test taken. The troopers weren't sure about the law and kept looking it up as well as the corporal at the barracks and said they could not find anything. Do I have a good defense?
A good defense to what?? DUI?? That depends onna lot more than then the drug test. You would want an experienced DUI...