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After completion of IDCMP requirements, can a LCMHC/MLADC compel you to continue counseling?
I was convicted of a DUI in NH and as part of my IDCMP, 6-8 sessions of after care counseling was required. Both the IDCMP and counsellor's evaluation found 'mild alcohol misuse'. AA, etc. was not recommended. Instead, my counsellor diagnosed me with PTSD. I do not agree with this diagnosis, but, that is not relevant to the context of this question. Instead of 6-8 sessions, I've done nearly more than 20. I, only days before I was supposed to get my license back, convinced the counsellor to submit my completion paperwork to the IDCMP provider. She still wants me to continue treatment, however. I confirmed that the IDCMP provider accepted my completion and that they submitted it to the DMV. Could I just leave my counsellor a polite voice message stating that I appreciate her services, but will no longer be a client? Is there anything she could do to force me to continue? Could she somehow withdraw her completion paperwork at this point? I get the feeling that I'm just a source of income at this point, and its in her interest to drag it out as long as she can. I have a family to support and can't continue this forever. Advice is greatly appreciated...
Depends what your plea says. Speak to the attorney who handled the case.
Can you get arrested for a DWI when your keys are hung in your house
Can you get a DWI even when your keys are hung in your house and you are home
It depends on whether you just getting home or just leaving. If you are just getting home and the police are in "hot...
How can I avoid losing my license?
I am facing a possession in a motor vehicle charge for having marijuana in my car. I was told I was pulled over for speeding and then was told by the officer that he could smell it. He threatened to impound my car or hand it over for a citation. I gave it to him. This unfortunately is my second offense. The first time I did not lose my license because it was a first offense. I work 3 jobs with a variety of house and they depend on me having my license. If I lose my license, I lose everything. Please, how can I negotiate a way to keep my license, even if it's just to drive to work and home. I can't lose my jobs!! Please help!
You need to hire an excellent lawyer, and there are plenty of them. Search for one on here. Good luck!
Can I get my suspension reduced for a DWI in NH?
I had a 3rd DWI in NH and was charged with a DWI 2nd. I am 1 yr into a 3 yr suspension. I attend AA 3-4 times/week, have completed all my State criteria for the suspension and have my Dr, LADC and Counselor willing to testify that I am not considered a risk at this point for repeat behavior. I need to drive to get to work.
Unfortunately you cannot get your license back. You are also not eligible for limited driving privileges to drive to work.
My husband got a DUI in NH 15 years ago. He never took classes, etc. What will he need to do to get it back?
Got stopped twice over ten years ago for driving w/o license financial problems have kept him from paying for classes etc needs license to keep job
You husband will need to complete the first offender DWI programs that are currently offered because the prior...
Signs of impairment when you arent impaired for driving
what if you show signs of impairment when you arent impaired for driving, like act nervous, or make a mistake like driving the wrong side of the road cause you didnt notice any signs or see traffic and you dont know the area. How do I prove I am not impaired, I feel officers have an overactive imagination. For instance if I Was impaired, you think I would have stopped at the stop sign like I Did or lasted that long on the road that day? GEesh. OF this driver I Saw last year he was driving around town and he kept swerving and hitting curbs etc, what was going on? it was 3 pm. is that driving while impaired. the drove slow too and what hapepned to him as ppl and myself called 911
You hire an experienced criminal/DUI defense attorney to represent you in court. Hopefully the attorney can convince...
Driving while
IF i get pulled over for making a mistake like driving the wrong side for a few feet and it happened cause I am not familiar with the area and there was no visible signs and traffic. if they see that my eyes are tired what will the police do issue a ticket or take me to teh station. How do I Talk my way out of either. well but if I did however stop at the stop sign before that?
Driving on the wrong side of the road would give the police justification for stopping you because you committed a...