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What is a Massachusetts 24q deposition ? ?
Can a person get a hardship license with a 24 q conviction for dui
You cannot be convicted under chapter 90 s. 24Q. That statute provides for a mandatory alcohol evaluation as a...
Is an alcohol urine test ( EtG...EtS. ) test solid evidence of alcohol use in a courtroom ?
Can this be used against you ?
Review this website for some interesting input: http://etg.weebly.com/
I go to trial tomorrow for DWI in New Hampshire. I would like to enter a plea agreement. How do I go about doing this?
I refused the breathalyzer test, and although I did fairly well on the field sobriety tests, I was still arrested. I never stumbled around or slurred my words, and I was cooperative with the officers the whole time. Do I plead "not guilty" in front of the judge and then try to talk with the prosecutor after, or do I talk with the prosecutor before I stand in front of the judge? I do not have a lawyer.
How do you know this us a trial date? Have you gone through all the put trial phases? Retain a lawyer ASAP or ask the...
Convicted of DWI in Jan of 2010, it has since been reduced to a "violation pursuant". Will this still show on my record?
When I am applying for jobs, it asks if I have been convicted of any misdemeanors, technically yes I have. But if I still have to answer yes to that question, what good was it to have it reduced to a Violation Pursuant? On my DWI paperwork it states that I am able after a year to have it reduced to Violation Pursuant for reasons including having difficulty getting employment. I am wishing to apply for my Mass RN license and am wondering if I have to list this as a conviction. I do not want the board of nursing to think I am being dishonest.
Where did you receive the DWI? The disposition you describe does not sound like a Massachusetts disposition. If this...
How much does it cost to reinstate your license after 60 day driving to endanger suspension?
Im 21 years old and just got my license suspended for 60 days regarding driving to endanger. I was wondering how much it will cost to reinstate my license after the 60 days.
This is a question that your attorney should have answered prior to negotiating this plea. I believe your license...
Question regarding testifying in a case of suspended license
If you are asked to testify in a case of driving with a suspended license and the person's defense is that he had to drive because I had to pull as we felt I had to much to drink, can I now be prosecuted for dui?
If your testimony included an admission (by yourself) that you operated the vehicle while being under the influence or...
Can a legal resident become a US citizen after a dwi?
I want to become a us citezen but got a DWI a year ago
In most instances, a simple misdemeanor DUI or DWI will not prevent a legal resident from becoming a citizen. If the...