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Can I be charged with a DUI if there was not a blood test done, I was not arrested, or given a citation?
I was in an accident and totaled my car. I was given an HGN test at the scene and transferred to an Emergency Room with no police escort and no citation. At the hospital, they did not draw blood.
You can be charged based upon the officer's opinion you were driving under the influence. You will have a stronger...
Can I be charged for public drunkenness and similar misconduct without taken for blood test?
Was initially approached by officers on private property to tell me I was parked where signs says no parking. ..I had previously taken my prescribed medications that sometimes have reactions of slurred speech . Slow motor skills... . Medication being ( cyclobenzaprine-flexeril ) ,( percocet ),( topomax). when I responded to officer to tell him I'm allowed to be parked here I'm on father's property... he continued to badger me asking me if I had be drinking..I told him no...he asked me if I was smoking pcp I said no....I ..then continuously asking me why I'm nervous....mind you there's now 5 cop cars souroundiing me..I continued to tell him I'm on medication... I was then arrested for public intoxication never taken for blood work at hospital...
Yes they can just testify as to their observations so you should fight the case.
Can i qualify for ARD if I was charge with traffic summary Why they change the charges from 1st off to 2nd off.
i being charge with dui gen imp of driving safely 1st off, and dui highest rte of alc. (bac.16+) 1st off i apply for ARD. Which this is my first time in trouble beside 2 summary charges for 2 different times: for driving while oper susp or revoked & Obedience to traffic -control devices. my licences was suspended for not paying traffic tickets. Not because A DUI Courts replace the charges to: Gen imp/inc of Driving Safely first offence charges to 75 3802 A1** 2nd Off, Gen imp BAC .08-10 75 382 A2** 2nd off., added these other charges. high rte of alc. (Bac .10-<.16) 75 3802 B** 2nd of., And Highest rte of alc. (Bac .16+) 75 3802 C** 2nd off. Because of the changes I was denied ARD. I do not understand how they can charge these charges to Dui 2nd off. when this is my first time getting a DUI.
It could simply be an error on their part. Your attorney should talk to them and make sure its clarified before you go...
What will be the penalties for a marijuana dui first offense with prier arrest but no convictions
Was with some friends , we smoke in the car before I pulled off I didn't smoke at the time but I did smoke earlier. We left my house and shortly after I rolled down the Windows I was pulled over by the police. Of course they smelled the marijuana but it was put out already. He got all of our names and told us to get out of the car. Shortly after I little that was rolled up was found in the passengers sent and my friend was charged with that and I was charged with the dui.
If you arent ARD eligible a 72 hour jail sentence and one year license suspension along with mandatory fines and court...
Why did I receive a notice to go to a formal arraignment if I never went to a pre-trial conference this is for a DUI in Bucks co
I never attended my pre-trial conference but yet received a notice to appear for my formal arraignment? This is for a DUI also I believe possession charges in Bucks County-P.A.
I am wondering if you mean that you never went to the preliminary hearing for your case. That hearing is held at the...
Am I at fault and am I allowed to be suspended no pay losing money or can I do anything about this situation
I worked a 21hr shift with driving included. 2 hr drive 4hr on site 2 hr drive back had maybe 2 hrs before another site start time. 30 minute drive to site of a 12hr shift no meal break 30 min drive back I had passed out lost conciousness behind the wheel of my company truck an 11 gmc sierra and an accident had ensued. I am now on suspension no pay and have been denoted two pay grades and ranks.
Interesting case if I were you I would sit down and discuss it
Will I be required to have an ignition interlock if both cars are owned by my husband?
Used great AVVO lawyer last year for 2 DUI's that were reduced to 1st tier.Went on PA DMV website and it said I'm subject to interlock after my 1 year suspension.Both of our cars are in my husbands name and he drives his car and we share use of the other.My lawyer at the time said because of my not actually owning the cars we wouldn't have to install interlock.My husband is fuming about his inconvenience . Advice?
The law is very clear: "An individual required to only drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the...