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Will my dwi case be dropped if the witness that called the cops does not show up to court?
a 3rd party called the cops saying i was drinking and driving. by the time the cops caught up to me i had already been out of my vehicle and inside of a bar for about 10-15 minutes. the cops never saw me in or around my vehicle, or even in possession of my keys. they ended up arresting me saying that the witnesses statement was enough probable cause to take me in to the station and breathalyze me. can the cops use his original statement? or does the witness have to actually show up to court and testify?
In NJ and all other jurisdictions with which I am familiar, the State will need to prove operation of the vehicle. This...
I am a military spouse and got a dwi (.16) on base. Will I be charged by the civilian side as well?
State of NC. Repercussions?
Yes, almost certainly you will be charged on the civilian side. Normally, they issue you a ticket with a summons to...
How do I take care of an 10year dwl and failure to appear, in craven county?
Was driving to the corner store, got caught in a road block, got a ticket, didn't go to court. Try to get my license a year ago. DMV refused, what and how is the best way to take care of this?
You hire a DWI defense attorney who regularly represents clients in Cracen County to assist you. Those charges don't go...
My husband has a dwlr due to impairment but it's been 7years he got charged with a dwi and spent 2 years in prison .
He is going to have to due time again
I'm sorry, but you haven't provided enough information to allow a response. You didn't say when your husband's initial...
My dwi in NC was dismissed, how long does the DA have to refile charges
casw was dismissed because officer did not appear. How long do they have to refile charges
That's a DECEPTIVELY complicated question, as the caselaw isn't in my mind entirely clear. If the COURT dismissed...
How can i prove that i took dui classes
I took dui classes in 2008 paid all fines and fees an got my license back a week later got cdl permit but never put to use..fast forward 9 years find trucking company willing to train me so i do application for another cdl permit everything goes fine application accepted take test but don't pass 1 part told to come back the next day.. come back next day to retest and was told i can't take test i have to have some number merge with my current license because my dwi classes was put under whatever number they taking about saying it'll take 10 days. 9 days later my license suspended and they telling me i have to do classes..if i didnt do classes i wouldn't have a license right..just ruin my life after doing and paying everything the courts asked out me.. What do i do now
Obviously DUI classes are not cheap (intentionally to deter future DUI). Did you pay by check? Credit Card? Records...
What recourse do I have for unreported conviction , dui, over 13 years old?
I went in for a dmv hearing. I had apparently 3 convictions but only 2 ever reported. The most recent 2010-which I completed a 4 year suspension. When dmv was pulling my record to prepare for my hearing , they came across the “conviction “ from 13 years prior at the time. This was not presented during my last court case and we decided to settle as i thought the prior case was dismissed. I checked it all with DMV back then and reinstated. I requested records but they don’t have them. All was fine until the level 5, 2007-8then the level 2. 2010. Well due to the failure to report I got stuck in the 10 year clause which resulted in a interlock for 7 years. The judge of my last case only mandated 1 year IID i have it going on 4 years now. Seems the ball was dropped. I have a right to proper reporting . I will say i was 5 years sober when I went for my hearing and have been ever since. Going on 9 years now. Do i have any recourse to have the interlock removed. I believe I have served my time and suffered dearly then and still very limited. I just want to move on with my life. My driving record was restacked and makes it look like i was illegal when it was due to the failure to report.
I don't see why you'd want to report your own crime but ask the court for an abstract.