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In 2006 I received a nonajudicated dui sentence. However it is seen as guilty and is still on my record within the court. why?
I was sentenced to a non adjudication dui on 2006 for having a bac higher then .02 but lower than .08. However today I called the court where it happened and I was sentenced and they said it was not labeled as non adjudicated but rather guilty. I have the court abstract and it says sentenced to non adjudicated, however it says my plea is guilty and the judge found me guilty. This abstract is signed and has a raised seal. I was told that after I completed the necessary task it would be dismissed. I then called MDPS and they said in their records it is displayed as non adjudicated. My question is shouldn't this have be changed to dismissed and the conviction removed from my record? also this information was released to a state I moved to by the municipal court, not MS DPS. Any advice?
You need to contact a local attorney to review the sentencing documents. It may be necessary to hire an attorney to...
I was arrested for DUI first offense in the State of Mississippi. Can the prosecutor change the charges to a lessor offense?
I understand the State of Mississippi bars any plea bargains for a DUI charge. However, the prosecutor for the county I was arrested in is a mutual friend. He instructed me not to show up to court with a lawyer and that he will do his best to work out something with the arresting officer.
And I am sure he is thrilled that you are posting this information in a public forum for the world to see. Get a clue man.
Can I be convicted of DUI marijuana if there was no drug test taken?
I was recently stopped during a road block. The officer gave me a field test in which he said my eyes were shaky and I might be under the influence of marijuana. I was taken into custody, but never was given a drug test. Can I still be convicted even without a test?
Yes, it is possible to convict someone of a DUI without any scientific evidence. The evidence may depend on the...
Can a probation officer order someone to submit to a drug test if the judge does not order the said person to submit to one.
The probation officer told said person that they had to take a random drug test, and pay the 30.00 dollar fees. The person did not pay the fee on the next visit and explained to the officer that the judge did not order them to submit to one. The probation officer became angry and told said person they could not leave without submitting an urine sample and that they would have to pay for it on their next visit, also the officer did not ask what medication that the person may have been on since this does effect the test outcome.
It would be best to refer to the terms and conditions of your probation. This is a document -- a contract-- between...
Hi, i got a dui refusal and i need to file a "10 day" test refusal petition.. How do i do this on my own without a lawyer
i receive a letter on the 9th and have til tommorrow to file the petition need help ASAP
You really should hire a lawyer. You are already unsure about what to do and you do not know the elements to include in...
Im 17 i broke into a car drunk and took 3 cell phones 2 out of 1 car and 1 out of 1 car but its my 1st offense
i want to know will i go to jail on my 1st offense im 17 years old
I cannot tell you if you will go to jail with so little information, but I can tell you it is a distinct possibility...
Can I beat my dui charge that is for alcohol and other substance? Or can I atleast prove that I was not under influence of drugs
I went through a road block and I was asked to step out. The officer breathalyzed me with a handheld device. He then searched my truck up and down and found nothing. He then arrested me and brought me to the station where I refused to take the "on record breathalyzer test". I got a refusal of a breathalyzer dui charge that says I was impaired by alcohol and other substances. Even though the officer found nothing not even alcohol.
Yes, you have a chance to "beat" this type of charge, especially if you first consult with and then hire the right type...