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Can they charge me with a dui if I was fleeing some one trying to kill me?
I'm in Pa. I was charged with a dui after I recieved a beating so horrific by my boyfriend that I had 2 broken vertebrae and I was hospitalized. My boyfriend and I had gone out and had some drinks. We came home and his bipolar kicked in and he started viciously beating me. once he had me on the ground he repetedly kicked me in the back head and neck that lead to a concussion, 2 fractured vertebrae and a massive amount of bruising. As soon as he stopped to throw up I ran to my truck. my intentions were to hide my self in my truck on the other side of our massive complex while I assessed my situation. I was half pulled out of the parking spot when I was stopped. I was taken to a trauma center by ambulance. They drew blood with out my consent. Can they punish me for saving my own life?
The unfortunate answer is yes they can... And often do. The important thing is often prosecutors will look to resolve...
Can I be compensated for loss of income due to my van being totalled by a drunk driver.
I will not be able to replace the van and now have no way to do my carpet cleaning.
If you were injured, a car accident lawyer can not only recover money for the van, but for pain and suffering and lost...
My DUI through the ARD program is 8 yrs old-how can I get this expunged Cheaply? I am on Unemplyment Comp.
Went to court for a 9/2001 DUI in early 2002. Was advised that in 7 years it would automaticaly be expunged. Found that was false. It will remain on my record until 2012 -if I am lucky! It is showing up on my background checks when I apply for jobs. Is this DUI considered a Misdemeanor? Does it show up on both a criminal record as well as driver's license checks HOW can I get this expunged quickly without spending a million bucks. I AM on Unempl Comp.
Was your DUI in Montgomery County? If so the expungment process is best handled through an attorney. There are some...
Losing license for ARD (DUI)
I have my final court date (I believe its for ARD) April 22nd. This is my 1st DUI and I was accepted into ARD. I was going to fight the 1-month license suspension (.10 bac) but I can’t afford $1,500 for a lawyer right now. I just started a new career, after struggling since I got laid off in June. I make great money, its just bad timing. If this was in June I’d have all the money up front.
.10 is very close to the threshold for a no suspension ARD. Will the DA consent to a continuance to allow you time to...
I am on ard and got 2nd dui but signed with da and am helping with drug busts can the 2nd dui be dropped or will i be charged
had 1 dui in november i am on ard now got a 2nd but the da offered me a deal to bust drig dealers and such. can this help me get the 2nd dui dropped so i am not facing being charged with both of them?
First, I am ethically obligated to advise you that I am not licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania; and I do not...
What do I expect from a first time DUI ?
I got into an accident on my way back from a concert where I had two beers. I was overcompensating for a turn and hit the kerb and the front wheel broke out. I immediately called the insurance company to alert them on the vehicle. Another passerby (a fireman) stopped and called 911 to report the case. State troopers came and performed a field sobriety test and I faltered on my toe to toe walk. They then took a breathalyzer and took me to a hospital for a blood test. They then took me to the station for processing and let me go with my room mate. I am working here on a student visa and am very concerned about the implications this will have. I have no priors or any records. I just had a parking ticket once. The police told me about a ADR program in PA. Any advice on what to do?
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
My ex got a DUI in NJ. His license is going to be suspended there. Will it also be suspended in PA?
I posted this in NJ and it was recommended I also post in PA considering the circumstances ... I don't have all the details yet but from what he's telling me his license is suspended in NJ for 7 months. Will that also apply to PA? I'm concerned for many reasons ... him getting to/from work, our children, custody, etc. Thank you for your information.
Does he have a PA driver's license? Cannot drive in any state without a valid DL. I believe PA (and NJ)participate...