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How can I get a DL?
I had a DUI over 10 years ago, completed ARD, but was was unable to pay the fine. I believe it went to collections. Could I get a DL for employment requirement ( job itself is not driving)?
Even if you did everything else that was required, not paying costs will suspend your license. They only give...
I need to know if they can issue a DUI to someone who was parked in a parking lot
My nephew got a DUI. He was not driving when they found him he was parked in a parking lot. The story gets complicated because he was with my 8 year old son at the time. I was the one who called the police because he was so drunk he could not communicate and I could not find him. So he was charged with child endangerment as well.
The short answer is maybe. In order to provide legal advice, I would need to know more about the specific facts. I...
My brother next on the list for an apt and they ran a criminal check and found a DUI from 1993. The manager is now denying him.
He has perfect credit no loans, no credit cards. He has ample guarenteed income for life as he is disabled (OCD) Can this complex deny him an apt. They claim he is being denied because of the criminal record .. his DUI from 1993...
Not sure you have asked a question, but I guessing you want to know if the apartment complex can do that. The simple...
I got caught with a DUI for the first time at 2am I'm 17 so I wasn't even suppose to be driving will my punishment be worst
I have got arrested before about lying about my last name but my record has been expunged
You will need to consult with an attorney, along with your parents/guardians. I trust you have learned your lesson....
What are the consequences for a probation violator to get a first time DUI in bucks county pa?
My boyfriend was on probation in Bucks County pa, and was pulled over for a. DUI. He blew a .128 but no bloodwork was taken. Is he going to jail?
You need to hire a lawyer right away to handle the case for your boyfriend. Depending on the PO, I have had clients not...
I got a DUI but when the cop arrested me he didn't read me my Miranda rights should I fight it or should I apply for ard
Because I heard u have to apply for the ard before the court hearing and if u get it u won't have a court hearing and that's means I wouldn't be able to fight that he didn't read me my rights and I'm beyond positive he didn't read me my rights
As I advised you in another thread, drop the Miranda.
Hi I got arrested for a DUI and I am 17 but me and my parents don't have money for a lawyer I don't know what to do
This is my first time getting arrested for a DUI
You might be surprised about the cost of hiring a private attorney. Most, including myself, offer free initial...