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My friend was pulled over for drunk driving but never was mirandized
My friend was pulled over for drunk driving, given a sobriety test, refused a breathalyzer without an attorney, was arrested, taken to police station, then was breathalized, but she was never mirandized, can her dui be revoked?
No, the reading of the rights are not required to charge someone with a DUI. There are specific legal requirements,...
When court ordered "IID" (Ignition Interlock Device) for a year, no DL. What are the IID restrictions and guidelines
Under IID order and having revoked DL but end up driving someone else's truck to work cause ride never showed up. Go with coworkers & have a couple drinks after working 12hrs, being exhausted you fall asleep driving causing an accident. Transported to hospital with head trauma injury. Nobody else involved in accident. Do the IID restrictions apply if the IID order don't start till after you get a license or occupational license? Can you be charged with failure to follow any of the IID guidelines if you have no DL to even allow the IID order to start or begin the 12month IID order.
When you say court ordered IID, do you mean you plead guilty to a DWI already and as part of your probation the court...
Does the BAC level, lower or rise after you stop drinking
Having 3.5 drinks in 2.5 hours, an hour later, would your BAC. level be lower or higher
Your BAC would go down. Check out this BAC calculator: http://celtickane.com/projects/blood-alcohol-content-bac-calculator.
I have no choice but to represent myself in a circumstantial dui case and I was wondering how to phrase a motion of discovery
I will be using this motion for discovery and a motion to dismiss case if all evidence isn't presented to me, this is for a dui case in Minnesota, I wasn't driving, there was racial profiling issues, and no actual evidence of me driving, also the trial begins tomorrow and I have yet to get any evidence I had requested from the prosecutor other then the police report even though I had made a written request months ago for all evidence and witness lists.
First, if you have not received discovery you should request a continuance. Second, you need not worry yourself about...
I was booked and released after being stopped for drunk driving. No ticket, no court, no paperwork. Should I expect something?
I am 55, was a pastor for nearly 20 years. I am not a "drinker" but will have a beer on occasion. I have never been arrested before in my life. After bad news I got drunk, and was pulled over in my parking lot as I arrived home at Veteran's home. The officer was actually very kind, he asked me what was going on etc... After talking for awhile, he told me he was going to take me to jail to be booked and released, saying 12 hours in jail is better than 72 hours in the VA detox. I did not receive a ticket or see a judge. I was released from jail as soon as I could blow a .ooo. When I did I went home. Should I expect anything else to come of this. He could have given me a DUI, but I have nothing to suggest he even reported that I was driving when he picked me up.
Did the police officer (or the jail upon release) give you a Notice of Revocation of driver's license? They almost...
Help with a prior DUI case.
My son when he was 19 received a dui. He lost his license and had to go to a class and take drug test and get his license reinstated which he did. He was applying for a new job and they needed to make sure his DUI has been resolved and need to see the paperwork. He called the court house and they told him there is warrant for his arrest because he did not finish his probation requirements which he did however they do not show record of his drug test being done. Now he has to go spend night in jail and go to court. he did go retake test and had that submitted. He is afraid he will have to stay in jail for awhile. Would that be true?
You should let his attorney know what has happened and discuss this matter with them. Good luck.
When can I get my license reinstated?
Refusal to submit breath test. Third dui in lifetime-1st within 10 years. The refusal charge was dropped with my guilty plea to 4th degree dui.
Sounds like it should be two years. You can probably get a license right away through the ignition interlock program.