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Haven't had to drug/alcohol test (drug court) because of a broken leg. Should I expect a hair test for both?
I broke my leg about a month and a half ago. my lawyer told me that I did not have to test as per the terms of my probation because I would be under supervision of my parents. Should I expect some sort of hair folical test?
Not sure why your attorney would feel this way, but it is best to listen to him or her. I would tell you that tests are...
I am being charged with felony dui casuing serious bodily injury. Is my public defender helping me or the prosecuter?
A guy that was riding in the vehicle with me in the backseat got a t-12 chance fracture in his back. The accident was on 10/18/2014 and i did a pbt and blew a .013. The "victim" is now in the marines, he left for bootcamp in Feb. 2015. As far as i know he doesnt want anything to happen to me hes not mad he just wants to move on from it. The prosecutor has charged me with dui ser bod inj and my case was started in Nov. I feel i have a good shot at beating this case considering the circumstances and my public defender seems to think i dont. Prosecutor keeps delaying trial because the victim is in bootcamp and cannot testify. I was told by my public defender the prosecutor would move foward w/o the victim and now he wants to wait. I dont know what to do.
Ironically, the prosecutor is helping, as delaying your case is a good thing. The reality is that this is too serious...
If the prosecutor agrees, can I get my license back after losing it for refusing to take a breath test? It was my first refusal
I refused to take a breath test. I was given a piece of paper by the secretary of state but I did not send it in in time to get a hearing on my refusal. My court appointed attorney did a great job on my criminal charges, but was appointed late and was unable to warn me about contesting the refusal until it was to late. The court will not appoint me a attorney to represent me on my refusal and I do not have much money. The prosecutor agreed to stipulate, after speaking with the arresting officer, to allow me to have restricted driving privileges due to it being my first refusal. She suggested I hire an attorney. First, is this even possible? Can the prosecutor stipulate to allow me to have privileges in this situation? Second, is this something I can do myself?
Eventually you'll be able to get your license back. Call DMV and ask them when you're eligible or speak with a local...
When will my license be suspended for OWI? Plea or sentencing?
I pled guilty in February to OWI 1st but I am not being sentenced until April. I have heard that upon pleading guilty in Feb that the SOS should have sent me a letter, but I also heard that my license will be suspended at sentencing. As of now, I have not received anything from the SOS. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thank you
I just answered that question. Unless your are participating i the court's sobriety court program, your license...
DUI Bond Condition
I was given bond conditions by the judge for DUI and told to go to probation office. i filled out some paperwork while there, they set up my alcohol assessment next month, gave me a copy of my bond conditions and was told to leave. my bond condtions are things like "alcohol testing ___ per week" and "AA ___ per week" but they were not filled out by anyone!. i tried calling probation dept 2 weeks ago and they never returned my call. right after i called probation dept i called my lawyer and he said that they will likely fill it in at my alcohol assessment and not to worry. but he didnt sound 100% sure! im very scared i might be violating my bond conditions. i probably would have known by now right?? thank you for your time
Your attorney may be correct, but I would continue to call the probation department and inquire as to whether you were...
Presentence Investigation / OWI
How honest should one be with the probation officer about a problem with alcohol? I admit I do have a problem and want to be sober for the rest of my life but I don't know how much of a problem I should admit to having, or if I should just be 100% honest. Also how likely will I be to be offered OWVI (impaired vs drunk driving) in Eaton County, MI ? I blew a .19 at the police station.
Eaton County is notoriously tough, especially on drunk driving. It's getting worse because the policy of the prosecutor...
Will an etg test be used to detect thc?
So, I'm on probation for a dui and I don't do drug tests. I never have the Marijuana smell on me and I missed a pbt this morning so I have to do an etg later on this afternoon. I'm from michigan. Will they conduct a 5 panel on top of an etg at the lab of ADAM'S office or is this just straight used for alcohol testing?
I can't predict what specific test will bemused by a lab technician in to to test a substance for THC.