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Can the court refile a DUI charge that was dismissed if arrested for another DUI?
Last year I was charged with a DUI and it was dismissed. I was recently arrested again for a DUI is a different jurisdiction, can the court refile the dismissed DUI?
Depends on who dismissed the charges. If it was dismissed by a district judge the District Attorney can refile the...
What is going to happen with a 2nd dui while on probation?
My boyfriend was arrested for a dui back in Jan. He was given house arrested and was on probation. He just got arrested again for a 2nd dui while on probation. He is also on probation in 2 different counties.
He has created a huge mess for himself. In general he can expect mandatory jail time for the DUI. They may not be as...
I got a DUI in pa, will I lose my co drivers license?
I have a Colorado driver's license but got a DUI in Pennsylvania and I'm curious if my Colorado license would be affected.
If convicted in PA, your Colorado license could be affected. Both Colorado and Pennsylvania are part of the Interstate...
Can I get my time That I was on county parole “street time” taken for absconding ?
I was sentenced to 30 days to 6 months in prison for a dui misdemeanor.I was released after 48 days and put on county parole.I tried to get my parole officer 2 times before to let me go to New York to take care of medical situations and get proper medications for my head trauma and back injury they didn’t do the paper work .the third time I asked I was granted a pass and never went back to pa because my doctors insisted I see the doctor at the end of the week and my pass was already over it was a 2 day pass. Also the doctors needed me to stay for more therapy.
The short answer is yes, a judge can pull your street time if you abscond. Thanks bring said, given your medical...
If i dont respond to driving under suspension dui related wat will happen
Wat will happen if i dont respond to a traffic ticket for driving under suspension dui related
If you fail to respond, you will have a warrant issued for your arrest and your license will be suspended indefinitely....
WWhat do I do to get my license back?
About 11 years ago I was convicted of my 3rd dui and lost my license as well as spend a year incarcerated. I would like to get it back and start driving again. What do I have to do and do my fines need to be fully paid in order for this to happen?
Your first stop is to go to PennDOT to get a license restoration letter. This can be accessed online. The letter will...
I was charged with a dui for drugs I didn’t take! Someone somewhere lied and I’m being punished for nothing. What do I do?
So I was charged with a dui. They claimed I was on cocaine methadone and Xanax. From the beginning I knew I didn’t do anything besides Xanax because I have a prescription for it! I immediately wanted my blood test results. I literally wasn’t given them until AFTER I was already charged with a dui! The blood test from the lab says the only thing in my system was the Xanax!! So what do I do to reverse all this!! And why the hell wasnt I allowed to see my results before getting this charge! I could’ve easily gotten out of this!
"What do I do"??? The answer is simple and straightforward. Stop posting statements against interest on this or any...