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I'm 19 and was arrested for a dui last week. I was arrested at 16 for a dui as well. Will this be my first or second offense ?
the first DUI was dropped because I pleaded to minor in possession in a plea deal (and there was no evidence) I blew .03 on this one which is between the .02-.08 allowed for first offense" baby dui " .. I just need to know if it is my first offense and if I can use AL state code 32-5a-191 for this offense. thank you very much, I plan on going to law school and I am terrified this won't allow me to get my law license.
In the first offense, if the court convicted you of "minor in possession" (i.e., minor in consumption) and not DUI,...
How to get license back before the court date in alabama
Hello, I got my first DUI with no accidents but with high bac and my license was suspended for 90 days. After 5 months my case is still pending and my dl suspension is close to be finished. Is there a way to get my license back before the court date as soon as suspension finishes? Do i need to enroll in DUI classes before even convicted or I need to wait for a court date decision to do this? Will dps require DUI classes enrollment if aim not guilty yet by the day when suspension ends? I am asking this question because I want to try to get my dl back immediately after suspension finishes. Please, could you explain me how the system works in such situations? Thank you
There is no requirement to complete any "DUI classes" in order to have your Alabama driver license and privilege...
Language barrier DUI
Hello. I got DUI in January. After FST test I was arrested and blew 0.15, that is pretty high for 3 cans of beer. My lawyer after watching video of arrest said that I performed very good on that video and I think I was ok too. Originally I am from Hungary and speak English not so good. During FST I followed all the officer's instructions but we had lot of communication problems and misunderstandings that officer admits and it is on the video. My lawyer wants to use language barrier to defense me.I trust my lawyer but I have some doubts if it can work for defense. Also, I was never read implied consent warnings (may be officer did, but I didn't understand). So, if there a chance of winning trial using language barrier for defense? I was very polite during arrest and this is my first DUI.
You never know what a judge will believe. You should focus on FST and language barrier. The .15 will get you...
How do District attorney meetings work?
I'll be going to meet with the DA soon and have been clean for almost a month but I'm scared I could still fail a drug test and I don't wanna hurt my case. Do District attorneys have the power to drug test or only at the judge and court officials discretion? Thanks for taking the time to read.
Why are you meeting with DA? Hire an attorney. You normally don't meet with DA in criminal case.
Is there anyway to have a reckless driving offense in Alabama sealed away either by time or petition.
I would love to become a law enforcement agent, in my current state of Indiana, but I'm afraid a reckless driving offense (Fine only) I had when I was young and stupid in Alabama could interfere with it. Is there anyway to have it not impact my future goals? And would a police department turn me down for a "previous life" offense?
There is no "sealing" of court records, unless the defendant was adjudicated a Youthful Offender. In that instance, the...
Can a level 3court referral program be appealed or dropped to level 2
I went to court and was placed in a court referral program for dui with controlled substance. My blow test showed .07 but I also had a Norco. The probation officer placed me on level 3 I just need to know if it can lowered since my test was low.
You need to speak with your attorney. Perhaps he/she can do something for you.
Got a first DUI while visiting Alabama. Live in California. If I get mandatory color code testin can I do it from my home state?
My court date is in four weeks. Breathalyzer 1.7. Will get suspended license, fines, probably a suspended sentence, maybe color code testing. Obviously I can't stay in Alabama to do the testing or six months worth of DUI classes. Can I do both of these things from my home state of California? Just trying to be prepared.
If you don't have one already, you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney in the area to help you with the case....