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Have you ever been convicted, pled "guilty" or "no contest" or otherwise admitted guilt (including participation in first time offender program) as an adult to any felony or misdemeanor? Dui was more than 2 yrs ago resulted in court supervision and marked as "stricken off" in court records
You have to tell the truth and if you were court supervised you either pleaded guilty or were found guilty whether it...
Had one dui 2.5 yrs ago and received court supervision which was completed over a yr ago. now got a new job and they said they'll be doing finger prints and back ground check just worried if they will deny me the job. i do have the court order that says "stricken off".
This is more of a Policy question for your HR folks. Ask to talk to them in confidence and ask the question.
I cant afford an attorney. I'm homeless. lost my vehicle for 2 weeks so now I don't have a job. I didn't blow in booking room. had unopen 6pack on floorboard, so was asked to do ,and did, roadside test. He said I failed was arrested.
You'll get a public defender but your best friend might be your probation officer. Ask her to help you find...
Basically I was let go of a DUI and the officer didn't even tell me what my BAC was. I went to jail and my car got towed. I'm only charged with unlawful consumption of alcohol by minor. Could it be changed to a DUI after a judge questions you? and what should I expect for the penalty for underage drinking?
Since you are underage, you need not be charged with a DUI because any alcohol consumption at all is an offense. Do...
I understand an RDP is very strict. If you have nobody to take the car in for you, how would you accomplish this requirement if you cannot drive there? Thanks.
You should call the baiid provider to assist you.
There was no accident or injury, the car was pulled over because the rear license plate light was out. They ended up giving my sister, who was driving my car, a DUI because they said they smelled alcohol and she refused the field sobriety tests. The next day I went and got my car out of the tow yard. Would they make a claim on my insurance based on this?
If there was nobody else involved, nobody would make a claim.
Also, will my insurance be affected?
No one here will be able to tell you what your friend's chances of beating a DUI charge will be. Often the refusal to...