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Can I be facing jail time in either state? Will my licence be suspended in Va? Will I have to repeat asap?
You would only be in risk of going to jail in Virginia if you are still on probation or parole. However, you are...
My lawyer filed a motion for me trying to get my DUI conviction reduced to a violation, i was just curious how that really benefits me.. I got my DUI in 2012 in NH and already have my license back.
Ask your attorney, perhaps to avoid your next DUI from becoming a second with more serious penalties.
I have asked my attorney to obtain evidence that I am telling the truth. He says he doesn't know if they video in that room. How on earth am I supposed to prove that I am telling the truth. Officer did not afford me my rights. Not fair!
Dear Fredericksburg - While it is not fair - you will have a difficult time proving that the officer did not wait 20...
I had gotten a DUI back in 2012 in NH and already have my license and took care of everything so my license is valid, but i was wondering since i now live in VA if i get a VA license does my NH driving record transfer over to the VA driving record. ( will the DUI from NH show up on my VA driving record)
Yes. Highly likely it will appear on national registry
I received a DWI in NC while I was stationed in the Army there, since then I have moved back home to VA. My lawyer in NC has extended the process out and I am now about to finally go to trial and get the DWI and my license taken away. I asked my lawyer to get me a suspended license so that I can drive to and from work but he said that since my drivers license is a VA one that the NC judge wont approve that, that I will need to get a VA lawyer and have them get the suspended license here in VA. Is this true?
Dear Fredericksburg - I think you want a "restricted" license in Virginia, which allows you to drive to/from work, and...
Does the violation come before or after a conviction? If before, I doubt the sending state will drive me thousands of miles for court appearances?
You need to contact an experienced attorney immediately. Avoiding conviction and preserving your freedom need...
My son was drinking inside his home. There was a confrontation outside and police were called. The officer came to his door and asked him to come outside to speak to him. He thought he did not have a choice since it was a police officer that requested him to come outside. My son had been hit in the previous confrontation and the person left and my son went back inside. The police asked the name of the person that hit him and he said he didn't know. The officer said "I guess you should have listened to your girlfriend when she told you not to come outside. You are under arrest for being drunk in public". Is this legal?
Unfortunately, I have seen this ridiculous fact pattern more than once. The case will come down to the question of...