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What if a person violated probation with a dui in another state ,which then they served a yr in prison , then the state they
Violated is extraditing them. Back, what is the normal punishment ? This would be the first probation violation for the person .
What will happen depends is in the judge's discretion and depends largely on the type of violation. A new charge is...
On probation for 3 years from my 2 dui. I've served 2 years in good terms. Then a get a assault charge. Class 4 Misdemeanor one.
My girlfriend never told police she wanted to press charges. The police of Stafford va charges me anyway. She had 2 small abrassions on her neck. Can I get away from violating my probation?
When police are called to a domestic assault, they will arrest someone if they can determine that an assault occurred...
How should a judge respond to the prosecutor providing wrong info on defendant stating they had a prior DUI conviction?
Prosecutor provided judge with a prior DUI conviction on defendant in misdemeanor assault case. It wasn't realized until just prior to judges decision. Defendant has spotless record but was issued 90 days in jail, with 60 commuted.
How should a judge respond? Depends on how the defendant's attorney responded.
I have a DUI from2 years ago in new Orleans but I live in Virginia now, I cant get a Virginia license.
If I file bankruptcy would I be able to get it here in Virginia ?
You don't say what happened with the DUI, but a single DUI doesn't usually result in a suspension for more than a year...
I need help with DUI and ignition interlock laws.
I was convicted of a DUI last July. At the time, I was granted a restricted license with the provision that I install an ignition interlock device for the first 6 months. I have not been able to afford to do so up until this point and as such have refrained from driving. Because the 6 months has now passed, do I still need to get an ignition interlock device installed to be able to drive? Also, If I were to just not drive for the rest of my license suspension will I be able to have my license reinstated in July or will they still require me to have the device installed at that point? Thank you in advance for your help.
It has to be installed and used for a minimum of six months. Unfortunately because you asked for the restricted license...
I was arrested a few weeks ago for a DUI. I was 17 at the time of arrest and blew .05. Should I get a lawyer?
I was alone in the car when I ran it off the road and no property was damaged. I don't know if I should spend a lot of money and get a lawyer or try to plea for a lesser sentence or create a plea bargain myself.
Yes you need an attorney. The Commonwealth has no reason to plea bargain with you. I would immediately seek out and...
What do I need to do to get my license back, what programs should I sign up for to recover or mitigate a 1st DWI offense in VA?
I was charged for a 1st offense DWI in VA. I was very respectful to the officer and very cooperative. I did refuse to blow in the breathalyzer or give blood work. Is there anything I could do to mitigate this offense to a lower one? What programs can I sign up for now to assist me with this offense?
The best thing you could do: seek out a DUI attorney in your area. Dumbest thing you could do: attempt to handle...