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"I was in a serious car accident had a concussion , DUI question
"I was in a serious car accident last week they charged me with a DUI . They stated I signed the form in the emergency room that allows them to take my blood. I have head trama and had a concussion. Is this legal? I wasn't in any state of mind to be signing any legal papers , I looked at my signature and you can clearly see that at the time of me signing it I couldn't even sign my name it is a bunch of scribble lines that you cannot read. Is this legal
As long as you were the only person injured in the accident, they cannot draw your blood without your permission or...
Yes, your vehicle is subject to seizure. Under TCA ยง 55-50-504(h), a vehicle driven by someone whose license has been...
How I can get a dui dropped or reduced to reckless driving?
I was parked in a Arbys parking lot asleep. I was there waiting on someone to leave from work but didn't know they were already gone an decided to sleep while waiting. I was some by officers an ask to step out of my truck. They did blood alcohol an the touch your finger to your nose which I didnt understand the test. I couldn't do the walk a straight line because I have a bad injured foot. My keys were also out of my ignition laying in my console.
Anything is possible; whether or not it is probable is another story. Regardless, your odds at a favorable outcome...
Court says Dui an driving revoked I wasn't dui. An how can I get this looked at
I'm get out never ask me to do sobriety test. Just says going to jail because of revoked license due to my past. I go see the judge an he says Dui driving on revoked?? Is that legal?? Didn't impound the car let me call boss an wife
You cannot afford to waste time here get a lawyer now.
What drugs are tested for in the blood test when arrested for dui?
I was at a bar and didn't have that many drinks. Got very sick and don't remember a lot of the night. I think I might have been slipped something in a drink. Do they test for anything like rufies or ghp?
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has a cutoff of .08 BAC. If the blood level is .08 or higher they normally do not...
I got a DUI on probation. .078 was the final result. What are my options?
Got pulled over for speeding. Field sobriety tests given and of course he said i failed. I think there designed that way. It was stupid I know to drive period. What can I do to get this reduced?
Unfortunately, we won't know if your case can be reduced without reviewing all the details of your case, including but...
Is it possible to get a 2nd dui charge reduced to a 1st?
I got my first dui in 2013 and hired an expensive attorney that got it reduced to wreckless driving. Recently got my second dui charge but this time I cannot afford my expensive attorney and will get a court appointed.
Anything is possible but very difficult. Will depend on all the facts involved in your case. Court appointed...