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  • Candlelight Vigil Held Following Death Of Politician...

    Dec 7, 2017 | via The Greenburgh Daily Voice 

    Friends and family of Jonathan Maldonado came together on Wednesday night in Hartsdale to celebrate the life of the man who killed following a shoplifting incident last week. The well-wishers gathered at the intersection of Central Park Avenue and Harvard Drive - near the Best Buy he was accused of shoplifting from - on Wednesday night for the vigil, where they swapped stories and told tales of Maldonado's life.


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What is the process for getting license back ? Currently on DWI probation.
I am on DWI probation and currently have revoked license. My question is , would I be able to finish all my applications online when eligible , and before I go to dmv or would I be violating my probation by doing so? Probation officer said that I just can't have valid license without approval , but can I lift Revocation for eligibility to apply for the license. I am a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated .Thanks
Generally the court won't allow you to apply for a license without permission. If you are only seeking to lift the...
Hello, I was convicted of AUO 2 .Probation wants to impose an iid not ordered by the court. Can they do that?
Hello, I was recently convicted of AUO (agravated unlicensed operation)in the second degree do to a 1192-1 dwai, I also have a DWI within 5 years. I was sentenced to 3 years DWI probation, and p.o officer says I have to ask her to get my license and that she will want me to get an interlock even though it has not been ordered nor required by the court under my offense of dwai. Can they do that? Is there anything I can do? Thanks....
Yes Probation can do that. The Terms and Conditions of Probation generally give great latitude to Probation. You...
I have A felony DWI on my record, I am being charged with one know, what im i looking at
it was 9-10 years ago
If your prior felony DWI was within the past 10 years, your current charge will be upgraded from an E felony to a D...
What can I hope for, i am very scared and can't keep beating myself up?
I went out to a couple bars on Saturday and ended up driving back home, on my way my tire blew out causing me to lose control and have the right side of the car scratched... I continued driving with the flat bc there wasn't places to stop.. I got pulled over had a field test walking in a straight line, followed by a breathylizer. It came back a .18 . Arrested for dwi Never took a 2nd sobriety test at the station, no bail was let go same night In total got - -----diving below speed limit -----dwi -------- aggr dwi All misd I had a prior dwai about 6yrs ago I am very scared and worried they can charge me with a felony, please any help would help greatly
No you won’t be charged with a felony if your prior case resulted in a DWAI. Nonetheless, you are facing serious...
Im from N.Y if I did not get arrested or given a temporary license just blood taken from the hospital do i have a dui?
I wreaked my father's car yes i had been drinking he picked it up the next day but I did not get arrested or given a temporary license all that happened was I went to the hospital got one tube of blood drawn but no cop escorted me and I got let out of the E.R with no problem do i have a dui and how will I know if I do?
You will know if you get served with an accusatory instrument. You should exercise your right to remain silent and...
Dui and illegal search warrant need help
i ate mushrooms at my house and as i was leaving the trip got too intense and i ran off the road in my neighborhood pigs came and asked me i had anything i said i ate some shrooms at my house but not many they placed me under arrest for dui then they went to my house and searched my trash and found some bad mushrooms i threw out and got a warrant while i was in jail and found 3 ounces of mushrooms that i was gonna sell to my friends can i beat the dui and the warrant? it seems like that's an unusual search of my house. they had no reason to believe that i was more than a user. stupid pigs.
Lawyers on this site might be more wiling to answer your questions if you stop referring to the police as pigs.
If you where accused of DUI, and the court dismiss that charge for a lesser charge for reckless driving! Can I get citizenship
On campus I called the police reported my car missing, moment later I found the car, few minutes later I was taken in for DUI. I went to court on September 18,2017 they drop the the DUI to reckless driving, I was soppossed to swere in for my citizenship on July 4, 2017 I couldn't because of the DUI USCIS ask me to send in the report of the incident I did with a explanation. They sent me a letter stating that they closed my case. What can I do? I have never get in any trouble with the law, I came to this country as a lawful permanent resident. Am from NY but I attend a university out of state.
You need to speak with an attorney who specializes in immigration law, I'm moving this question to that section.