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What's the difference between OWI and DUI offense
Are both offenses stay on record life time? Or only DUI
Wisconsin doesn't have DUI, DWI, or OUI offenses. We have OWI, or operating while intoxicated. They're all...
What is the difference between suspended and revoked driver license
DMV suspended my license before court day, now after court day they sent me another letter saying my license is revoked ( OWI case)
First, there are harsher penalties for driving on a revoked license (crime) vs. on a suspended license (may just be a...
First DUI offense with 13.0 and 9years of no violations, can I ask for second chance/ probation or minor charge than DUI?
19 years of driving No previuos DUI No accidents No suspended/revoked license 9years of no a single traffic violation Other than traffic, no record at all.
You can ask for anything but your best bet is to schedule several free consultations with local DUI/DWI attorneys and...
Can a judge add an underage drinking charge in court after only being charged with OWI?
I'm 20 years old and was recently pulled over and arrested for OWI. I blew a .09 so I was .01 over the legal limit. The officer only charged me with the actual OWI, nothing for underage drinking. I plan to go to court, not to fight the charges against me but just to tell my story and show that I'm doing things, taking AA classes etc, to better myself. Someone told me that the judge could add an underage drinking charge onto my original charges, is this a possibility? If so, would I be better off just paying my ticket and not going to court? Thanks
I would recommend that you contact a criminal defense lawyer regarding your case. Normally, the prosecutor's office...
Charged with 941.20(1)(b) Operate Firearm While Intoxicated & 947.01(1) Disorderly Conduct w/ modifier 939.63 (1)(a)
I pled no contest in january to disorderly conduct (dismissed counts of resist/obstruct & battery) and paid a fine. No probation or anything. New charges came 6/6, offense date of 3/17... charges are above in question... what are the chances of seeing jail time? I also have a record that includes 2 underage drinkings, as well as a possession of paraphenalia (all of which resulted in only a fine)... I am curious with this information what you would try shoot for in a plea, and what you think the D.A will request in the case as a plea agreement up front? Facts in case include i was heard saying i'd be back with my pistol after an argument at the bar. Before leaving with my buddy, i shot four rounds into the air outside the bar... was arrested, and my buddy charged with OWI while i was charged with above charges... please be detailed in what you truly think will be the outcome in Washington County Courts based on this..
Firing a gun four times outside a bar while you're drinking? Yeah, that's likely going to send you to jail. But...
My neighbor went to court on his 5th OUI last week. He has an order for Absolute Sobriety and yet drinks a 12 pack every night.
My question is, is he safe to drink in his apartment, or is he in violation of the court order?
I'm not sure how you have the time to watch your neighbor drink an entire 12 pack of beer every night. But a court...
Last Month I got a DWI in Wisconsin, it's my first offence but I blew twice the legal limit on the breath test
What is going to happen I go to court on June 4th also and I look at this somewhere online free?
Well, you're not going to jail, if that's what you mean. There's generally an offer provided to resolve the case. If...