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I received a dui roughly 10 years ago. How long will it stay on my "record"
I recieved a dui in lawton ok/Fort sill when I was 21. I have never seen or heard a mention on it on any employment background check all these years. I was just curious as to how long it will stay on my "record". Or where to look to research up on it? Thank you.
It matters what kind of record you are referring to. I am also not licensed in Arkansas or Oklahoma, so my answer is...
What would the punishment be in Arkansas (Sebastion County) for a second DWI (third in the state) and broken probation?
2 DWIs in Sebastion County and 1 DWI in Ozark, Arkansas in the past year. Was on a 5 year probation when the third DWI (Sebastion County) was given.
I would contact your attorney immediately to review your prior plea agreement and probation rules and requirements to...
My dwi charges have been changed to 2 battery in the 1st degree charges
I was in an accident were I rear ended a group of motorcycles no one was killed but 2 people suffered with some broken bones. Before I could plead on the original dwi charges they were changed to battery in the 2nd with dwi, and before I could plead on those they were changed again to battery in the first degree, witch I plead not guilty to. I can not find any other cases on the web were this has happened I think they using me to set a precedence. Will these charges hold up in court? They are offering a deal with a reduced sentence but wont come down Off the battery in the 1st. It is my first offence my bac was 1.8 an I tried to avoid the accident but they were stopped in the middle of a highway. I was just hoping for some opinions on the issue. Thank you for any help you may provide.
Because of the nature of these charges as well as what is at stake in the potential outcome, you should really look...
Why did prosecutor not charge my former friend with child endangerment for DWI with her 2 babies in the car?
I love my friend but she really needs help. She told me that she was drinking a lot one night and while driving home she ended up crashing into a ditch, cops stopped and cited her with a DWI, all while her 2 babies were in her car. She went to court and got charged with a DWI. She has a disposition hearing in a few months. But they still haven't brought up any charges of child endangerment. I thought that Arkansas is very strict about pursuing charges of child endangerment when someone is drinking while driving and has minor children in the car under a certain age. Plus I don't think that there was even a child services case opened because of this. This is her first offense, only because it's her first time getting caught. I fear that she is going to do it again.
There is still time for the prosecutor to add these charges if he or she desires. If you feel compelled you can file a...
Public intox first time never been arrested if i plead guilty what will happen to me will i go to jail or pay a fine
not guilty what then
Usually the penalties for offenses like these are very minimal, just a fine and possibly keeping it off your record....
I got a ticket for drinking in public, the policeman didn't say I was intoxicated, and didn't give me a Breathalyzer or any test
I had been shopping all day with my husband, and we had bought a six pack of beer and put in the cooler. I was tired and was drinking one of the beers. Because one of my husbands headlights burned out a state trooper stopped us and gave me a ticket for drinking in public. I had a police sergeant in a different county tell me once it was legal in the state of Arkansas for a passenger to drink a beer in the car as long as the driver was not drinking anything, and he wasn't. What are my resources?
ACA 5-71-212 makes it a class C misdemeanor to drink in public unless you are in a bar. This includes your car or...
What is the accepted definition of "may not Frequent any establishment where alcohol is served as primary item"
Does this mean: cannot enter, cannot go to bar with friends on occasion, cannot work in a bar or restaurant, or simply cannot cross threshold?
Simply cannot cross threshold.