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In the state of New Hampshire I was court ordered to have an interlock device.
Back 2012 I required to get an interlock device for not taking the breathalyzer test. I have not had a license since. I did not get pulled over for an alcohol offense to begin with the arresting officer clearly stated that he pulled me over for a tail light being out. Then asked me if I took prescription drugs I told him yes and showed him the prescription bottle that was prescribed to me and told him that I only took them as directed because it was an anxiety medication my speach was slurred a couple of times which is normal for the medicine. I showed the officer the warnings on the bottle that did not state anywhere not to drive while taking this medication but he still arrested me. While being booked the officer said to me " so I sappose you don't want to blow " I said why would I. I have not been drinking and he said I know. Then I made bail arrangements. Then found out in court that I was going to be charged with a DUI. Is there anyway I can have this dropped. Or is there a statute of limitations on this law. Please help! I am on a fixed income and can't afford the rediculose cost of this stipulation the court tells me it is required for one year. It has been 4yrs out st
If the Court ordered the interlock device then you will have to install it in order to drive again.
Can I be charged with a felony
In 2011 I was charged with driving on a suspended license. I paid all of my fines and reinstatement fee and I was told I was okay. I thought everything was good in the state of NH. In November of 2016 I was driving in my girlfriends car and I thought I was driving on her license. I was pulled over for an out head light and i was arrested. I was told I had a suspended license. The officer said I could be charged with a felony. She was unclear with what she was charging me with because she said a felony then she said driving on suspended license. All of my paper work says driving without a license x3
Unfortunately you have not provided enough information about your motor vehicle history to determine if you could be...
Is there anyway around this without getting my licence suspended?
I'm a 16 year old boy and I live and new hampshire and recently I got caught with 2 grams of marijuana in my car. Is there anyway my license willl not be suspended when I go to court?? A lot of people have told me it won't be suspended if I do community service or see a drug consuler, and that the judge will see I'm serious and that I have learned my lesson. So please anyone help me and inform me on what will probley happen please and thank you for your time!
It sounds like you have arrested for violating RSA 265-A:3, which is a misdemeanor. This statute requires that your...
Should I take a plea and plead guilty to DUI (I was 100% sober and unimpaired) or should I go to trial for possession?
I'm charged with DUI with a potential charge of cocaine possession found in my vehicle. I have a choice to make and am unsure of what to do. My situation: I traveled to a friends' housewarming/holiday party a few days after Christmas. Because I would be drinking, I planned in advance to stay the night. The party was fun and family-friendly, with the exception of some college friends from out of state who still smoke marijuana and apparently cocaine as well. I slept in the upstairs guestroom from roughly 2 am to 9:30 am. I left around 10:30 that Sunday morning. Soon thereafter I was pulled over due to a expired inspection sticker. The officer was very suspicious. My anxiety grew as he pressured me. He deemed me unfit to drive and gave me a field sobriety test. This was 11:00 am and I knew I was not impaired. I'm pretty out of shape and, having never done this before, performed poorly--I wasn't falling on my face or anything. With that I was arrested, passed a breathalyzer and gave blood. The test came back positive of percoset (my mother gave me several for a toothache 2 or 3 weeks prior) And a discarded baggy of cocaine residue was found in my vehicle.
You should have a DWI attorney take a look at the discovery before pleading to anything.
Got a DUI 4 yrs ago In Colorado. Never went to the court date because I was headed back to NH how can I get my license now?
I was just getting out of the Army in Colorado Springs returning to NH where I live. So I was not there for my court date. When I tried to renew my license in NH a few months later I was denied. I was wondering what steps I need to take to get it back.
Common sense tells me that you have to hire an attorney in CO to address the criminal case there that has been pending...
I had a DUI 4 yrs ago but clean slate until recently now I am up for 2nd DUI and I wasn't intoxicated, what can I do?
I was pulled over for making a U turn in the road. Officer forced me to do a sobriety test. I have a medical problem with my balance and leg, Officer wouldn't listen. I do take two medications required. On the bottle it says, Use Caution with Machinery. I was forced to take a BAC (blood) test against my will by threat of the officer. He did handcuff me didn't read me my rights and used excessive force. Gave copies to the Public Defender I have a medical problem with Dr's notes. I learned the BAC test cannot be used in court? Is that true? NH. Public Defender did not include to tell me. How can I find a Public Defender who will be willing to handle my case with real interest?
With these facts I would suggest contacting an experienced DUI attorney in your area and see if they will do payments...
Officer didn't give me a 30 day Temp. driving Permit by law on the scene.
New Hampshire: I was informed that the Officer was suppose to give me 30 day Temp. Driving Permit on the scene of incident. I am only accused of a DUI at present. Need to wait for BAC test comes and ASL hearing will determine if I keep my Lic until court date. Office lied and said I was suspended and DMV has no record of it. Due to No BAC test that has come back and officer did not file police report with DMV. Legally he cannot withhold the 30 temp. driving permit?
In brief, the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) process begins once a person tests .08 BAC or more or refuses a...