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I was wondering if there is a formal process to appear before the judge? I want to see a judge about my suspended license.
I have been set up for payment plans for the court for the last year and have never missed a single payment. I have a payment plan in the circuit and general district court. The circuit court allows you to be set up in the payment plan without having to renew, but the general district court makes you renew the plan every 6 months from what I understand. I have never missed a payment, but they suspended my license for "not paying court fines or fees" when I did pay them. I was home for the holidays during the time I had to resign the plan, because I am only here for school. As I said in 13 months, I have never missed a payment and I have been doing everything to stay on track and stay out of trouble. The manager at the DMV told me what to do to avoid the reinstatement fee, but the clerks office does not seem to want to be of much assistance. I am looking to not pay the reinstatement fee, especially since I have paid the same time and amount every month for the last year. I send the check off on the same day and they can see I have never missed a payment.
Yes all courts have formal proceedings.
I have 2 DUI's and have finished all the requirments, will moving out of state force me to get my liscense back in virginia 1st?
So i have two dui's stemming from 2010 (more than 7 years ago) i completed my requirments (a.s a.p. counseling, fr22 insurance ect ) when i had my charges. Its now been 7 years and after an expensive and 6 month procedure to appeal for a reinstatement im told the process will take 3 years and involve retaking all of my original requirments that i completed 7 years ago... so my question would be if i were to move out of state would they allow me to get a liscense easier there,than virginias 3 year nonsense? Such as a possible year suspension with clasees,which would still be much easier than in virginia? Any help would be greatley appreciated considering at this point getting it in virginia seems nearly impossible which makes it nearly impossible to further my life out of $11 an hour career as a 27 year old..
The state has a public interest in punishing those who have multiple DUIs and they definitely do not want to make it...
What benefits can a hired attorney do for me thats going to help me out better than a court appointed attorney?
Probation violation. I messed up and failed a drug test for a pain pill I took at work. The probation officer set me up with a heads up class starts at 4:00. Your supposed to be there at 3:45 to give a urine sample. I was unable to pee before the class started therefore she violated me and cancelled the classes. This is my 2nd violation, My first came because I was unable to pee the first few times i went in to see p.o. I am very bladder shy and now know this is a serious problem because I have never been in this kind of situation before. They issued me the "ok" to take blood tests instead of urine tests. I have been paying for out of my own pocket, and have passed every one but this last one. The day of the class though she would not let me go submit a blood test, only could pee, which I felt was unfair because she already knew of my condition of being bladder shy. Im hoping and praying I do not go to jail because I am the only income for my son. Will hiring an attorney help me out here?
Just as some court appointed attorneys are better at their job than others, so also some private retained attorneys are...
What should I do about my drunk in public charge?
I was recently charged with a drunk in public at my local college. I was told it is a class 4 misdemeanor and that if I pay the fine, it will appear on my record similar to how a speeding ticket would. However, I am actually underage (was not charged with underage possession) and was wondering if it is worth it to go to court and try and get my case dismissed? If I do go to court, though, is there a possibility I can get charged with the underage possession as well, even if I did not originally acquire it? Also, is there any way this can be removed from my record before I apply to jobs (I am currently 19 and will be graduating when I am 22)?
Criminal convictions cannot be removed from your record in Virginia. Therefore, if having a criminal conviction will be...
Will i get drug tested at the end of unsupervised?
I am on probation for possession of marijuana. i previously did 6 months of supervised probation and i failed my last test. they put me on unsurpervised for another 6 months which is ending soon. Will the test me?
They might. Just stay clean and you won't have to worry about it. Best of luck to you.
Can I still be eligible for the first-time-offender program if I've gotten a DUI before?
I have never had any drug related problems but I have had a DUI before. My house was searched by the police and I was found with a scale, bags, and jars (giving me reason to believe I will get an intent to sell charge). Also, something that is very strange is that I was never formally given any documentation of my charges or any summonses so I have no idea what my actual charges are. Is there any information regarding that situation as well?
That does sound like a distribution charge will be forthcoming. Get in touch with a good local drug lawyer. You may...
What should I plead if I have a drunk in public charge and possession under the age of 21 charge?
I'm eighteen and in college. I was put in a detox unit and they let me go with the two aforementioned charges. How should I plead if I want to get the charge taken off my record? This is my first offense
You should hire an experienced, respected and successful Virginia criminal defense attorney and let your lawyer do the...