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Can a DUI be non-adjudicated for a minor if arresting officer did not turn in "blow score"?
19 year old with no priors. Resident of MS. Judge said he didn't think he could do it. Told person didn't have to come to court, just come to sentencing.
To my knowledge, you cannot non-adjudicate a DUI.
What can I do to remove it entirely?
In 2013 I was arrested with a DUI because I was 19 and blew a .02 while driving after having a few beers at dinner. I hired an attorney, and the judge reinstated my license before the court date. When we went to court, the judge allowed my DUI to be expunged as long as I attended a few classes offered through the state government and paid fines. I did everything expected of me. Afterwards, my attorney informed me (with documentation) the DUI was off my record. Well today, I was told by an officer that my DUI still is on my record and says pending.
It is probably a clerical error that allowed the DUI to remain in the system. The court order should be sufficient to...
I received a DUI in Mississippi with a Washington state drivers license in April. Who do I speak to?
Washington DOL is wanting to suspend my license for 3 years. I want to fight it and get a lower sentence. A Washington attorney said this is out of their jurisdiction. Who do I speak to?
You need to get with a MS attorney, as they can advise you accordingly.
I’m on probation but recently received a dui, will I get jail time
I went through a roadblock and got a dui while on probation
Chances are you will not get violated because of a DUI, but only your probation officer can tell you for sure. It's...
After being found guilty of a 2nd offense dui for not being in court can I be charged for a 3rd offense?
I was found guilty of a 1st and 2nd dui for the same 2nd offense the plea was to be dropped for a 1st offense but I missed court can I be re-charged or up-graded to a felony after being found guilty?
I'm not sure how you were found guilty twice for the same ticket. If you missed your court date when you were supposed...
I have a bench warrant for Fra I have to go to dps to get a state I'd will o be arrested when I go get my id
Warrant on a Failure to appear misdemeanor charge. In Harrison County you have two options, to get an ID or driver's license that includes highway patrol in Department Motor Safety. I also do not have a driver's license for a DUI and a prior-year and I want to go to jail on my warrant
It is highly likely that they will run you through the database to see if you have a warrant. If the warrant shows up,...
I got dui second but I wasn’t drinking I took pain pill how does that work ?
Will I still get charge for that
Yes, you can be charged with DUI - Other Substance. You can be convicted based on the testimony of the arresting...