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Should I fight my DUI case?
I was recently arrested for a DUI after being pulled over into my driveway. I admitted to the officer that I had two glasses of white wine (Pinot Grigio) that evening, but I refused to take a breathalyzer test. The police also suggested that they smelt drugs, but I do not consume drugs. I allowed them to search my vehicle and nothing was found, of course. The officer did not maranda me but did proceed to throw me onto the concrete and shove my face into the ground as he handcuffed me, I was still not read my rights. I am being charged with DUI and resisting arrest, but I'm not understanding how any of this will hold up in court, should I fight it?
You should absolutely fight it. No question about it.
How much is ur first DUI ticket?
I read its only $400 dollars but my ticket is $2267 dollars
I am not licensed in South Carolina, but that could be very consistent. A $400 fine, but then with court penalties and...
Is the pick & blue paper the same form to carry after u get arrested for a DUI and lose ur license? Can I drive still
I receive a blue paper for my suspended license not pick can I drive until I can go to the dmv
I am not licensed to practice in South Carolina, but the paper itself should advise you if you must contact the DMV...
Can I get an exponent after 5 yrs
Implied concentrate on my record
If you are referring to a refusal then it will remain on your driving record for 10 years. You cannot get it expunged....
Can Highway Patrol Officer arrest an Sheriff for DUI and Hit and run? From what we are hearing only a coroner can a federal ag
Can Highway Patrol Officer arrest an Sheriff for DUI and Hit and run? From what we are hearing only a coroner can a federal agent. Is this true in the State of SC? Highway patrol made the arrest and Judge says it may have been an illegal arrest? Sheriff Failed sobriety test and denied breathalyzer.
I don't have all the facts, but It sounds like a magistrate may have misinterpreted a statute (SC code 23-15-120). The...
What all goes on at your 2nd roll call ? How long after your 2nd roll call before you get into court
Felony charges
I am not licensed to practice law in South Carolina, but I will venture to say that what happens in each case and in...
I just moved to SC and got a dui. I have 2 in Ohio previously. Last one 6 years ago. What am I facing?
How will Ohio affect sc
You should expect a DUI 2d charge and maybe a DUI 3d if your first DUI was within the last 10 years. You're facing...