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I was approved for ARD, but will lose my license for 60 days I am an auto mechanic Will my work find out about this?
I have someone who can do my roadtests during the suspension and I wont be doing any inspections but will the insurance notify my work and if so will i lose my job? Will it show up even though im on probation for ard?
Your case is a matter of public record and for now can be discovered by anyone who looks. Additionally, once you enter...
My sister has an inactive case status for a DUI in Chester county pa. What does that mean? She residing in Montgomery county?
My sister got a DUI in Chester county and the case showing inactive currently. She lives in Montgomery county and hasn't complied with Chester county probation but Montgomery county hasn't issued a warrant for her yet
Regardless of where your sister's DUI charges are filed, your sister needs the assistance of an experienced criminal...
How long does it take to get the Gagnon II hearing scheduled, with an attorney intervening, in Mont. Co. Pa? How much jail time?
Second V.O.P. Three years clean, relapsed, Will also receive DUI charge
You need to hire a montco lawyer who will contact the clients probation officer to schedule a hearing before the Judge....
I got a dui in Pa and recently moved to CA to take care of my father.
I got a dui in Nov 2016 in Pennsylvania. My fathers health is deteriorating so I moved back to CA. He has brain damage from a gunshot wound to the head and is partially paralyzed. The gunshot wound also made him partially blind in both eyes. He has had 2 hip replacements and is in need of a third. He has a hard time getting around. He needs help getting dressed and cooking meals. I was wondering if I could transfer the case to CA. I've been helping him with his daily responsibilities and making sure he gets to and from all his doctor appointments. I am scared to leave him by himself. Me and him are all we have. My mother passed when I was 17. I'm trying to figure a way out to take care of this court case and my father at the same time.
Given the extraordinary circumstances, i might help to hire an attorney here in PA to see what accomodations the DA is...
Will Pennsylvania ARD cover all charges related to my DUI?
I received my preliminary court summons today and the list of charges includes DUI and reckless driving among other things. If I am accepted into the ARD program would this include the DUI and all the relevant charges or just the DUI?
If the charges are all on one charge number, then they we all be handled together.
Person admits to drinking at accident scene but not arrested for DUI? Why?
In a car accident. Other driver totally at fault. On police report says physical condition was drinking but no dui test was given and person was not arrested. I have limited tort. Can I now sue for pain and suffering? Do I have a case?
A DUI charge is an exception but absent that you're limited tort. He could still be charged. Meantime keep treating any...
What happens if you get charged with a second dui while in the ARD program ?
Ok so I am currently in the ARD program and my court date is less than a week away. I have completed all the requirements (driving classes, fines, community service etc). Last night as I was driving home I was pulled over. I was told by the officer that I was swerving and when I rolled down my window he told me my car smelled like weed and I was asked to step out. I was asked did I smoke and I told the officer that I had over an hour ago before leaving my friends house. I was given a sobriety test by one officer while the other searched my car. No drugs were found however they did find an empty bowl that I had sitting in my car for months. I was then told I was being arrested for a dui and was taken to the hospital to be blood tested. I am very nervous about what is to come after this and is there anyway to stay in the ARD program since I am so close to completing it.
I'd be more worried about the 90 days in jail that comes with the second case. You admitted to being DUI which is bad (...