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Can i get a court appointed lawyer when i go to court the 1st time for driving on suspended licenese
I go to court thursday in i was seeing can i get a court appointed lawyer when i go to court for driving on suspended license 1st time
You probably can. Bring $50 for the application fee and be ready to answer questions about your financial situation.
What are my rights as a defendant charged with driving on a suspended license, second offense (Georgia)?
In 2016 I was pulled over for an expired tag, and when the cop ran my license, to my surprise it came back suspended. Come to find out the suspension was a result of a FTA for a long-forgotten unpaid speeding ticket from NC in 2012. I was arrested, went to court and pled nolo to DWLS. The judge gave me fines, community service, and 12 m. probation. Subsequently I complied with all those terms. In May I spoke to my PO and she said I was all done, so I went back to life as normal... Until days later I came to a roadblock, provided my ID card and explained to the cop that I had been suspended but recently completed all requirements for reinstatement. Well surprise again, it came back as still suspended!! I was arrested for DWLS, 2nd offense, and given a new court date. Apparently, even though I completed the terms, NC still had a hold on my license for the FTA. I realize it's my fault for not knowing this, and not going to the DMV for a new license before driving. Regardless, what rights do I have going into the courtroom? I cannot afford a lawyer, but I doubt that I'm eligible for a PD. I need to avoid jail time... I'm the primary caregiver of my 2 small children. What can I do??
Apply for the PD's office. If you don't qualify, call around. Everyone always says "I can't afford an attorney." You...
I was arrested with .5 grams of marijuana and failure to maintain Lane
As I was driving I swerved so the trooper pulled me over searched the car and found .5 grams of marijuana
What is the question that you have to ask?
Arresting Officer Found To Be Drunk The Night Of My Arrest. What Can I Do ?
I was told I was pulled over because of failure to stop. The arresting officer said he found brass knuckles , weed , and two xanax pills. I didnt have brass knuckles , do not recall any xanax , but weed under 1oz was mine. The officer was found to be drunk the night i was arrested and fired. What can i do about these made up charges ?
Well, it is likely that the case may be dismissed as the officer's credibility has been impacted negatively. I would...
Can 2nd DUI charges be challenged if occurred on private property?
My husband recently received his 2nd DUI and reckless driving when he was backing into our driveway. I was injured that evening as a result. He blew a .94.
I'm guessing he was driving on public roads in order to get to your driveway right? If he made any admissions about...
Should I go to jury trial and fight 2 counts of DUI or just plead guilty and take what's given?
about a year ago my jeep got wreaked. I was taken to the hospital immediately not remembering anything until next morning. I had been put on morphine and was also slightly intoxicated and still had Ativan in my system from a day ago hospital visit. 2.5 months later the officer who did the accident report calls and tell me I need to turn myself in for dui. he told me that I had 24 hours to turn myself in. I didn't at first. A mo later I finally did using bail bond spent 4 hrs there and got out. Then I got a public defender. Took months before they had the discovery:2 counts dui and improper lane chang. public defender says I should plead guilty and Id get 12-24 mo probation for both counts, 40hrs community service and have to pay $500 for a dui class and $$ to get my license reinstated. Plus 2-$500 fines Or I could go to jury trial, say a gfriend drove (another friends suggestion), they left the scene. when emergency personnel arrived I was actually found in the passenger seat cause the vehicle landed on that side after flipping.a car had ran my vehicle off the road, didnt stop &I ended up in a ditch.So jury trial or plead guilty? Could losing jury trial put me in jail?
Listen to your attorney. Providing false testimony under oath is perjury.
What is the best type of trial to get this dismissed ?
I caught a DUI and was not in the car the car wasn't crunk nor was I in the car and didn't get pulled over as well I asked the officer over 3 times to meet me at my home and he declined.
I'm changing your topic from Lemon Law to DUI/DWI so you can get better answers. That being said, motions to suppress (...