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Can you be charged with DUID if you have a legal prescribition and your levels are correct?
I was driving around 7pm, it was already dark, rainy. Going into the curve all I could see was bright, bright lights coming towards me, the next thing I knew my car flipped landed on its top about 500 feet from where the other driver was. No skidd marks, no witness, nothing to prove it was only my fault but the other driver's word, who was not hurt. I climbed out of my car somehow dazed, I could not see just here everything. The policeman said, I want you to tell me the truth, you better not lie to me either, are you taking anything today. I was scared to death. I said I took a oxycodone ealier today, and then He told me I was underarrest for DUI. I had to go to the hospital or jail he said. They took me to Er and did drug test. In 37 years I have never had a ticket,
Yes you can be charged with a DUI even if the drugs were presription, legal, and you took an appropriate dosage. The...
Can i get the cdl with dui
i have a court date in 2/28/2017 in ky my breath test result .022% can i find lawyer cheap , please i need help 6158281933
That's high. Lawyers can't solicit you in this forum, but most take credit cards
On post dui?
basically i was stopped at a checkpoint and was made to perform a test under suspicion of drinking. they brought me to the station and i blew a 0.5, the illegal limit is 0.8. they're trying me for a dui regardless. they impounded my vehicle and revoked my driving privileges. I really don't understand whats going on.
Well, they likely still charge you. Call a local DUI lawyer and ask him for a free consultation....
What will happen when you get arrested again for a dui while out on bail?
My boyfriend received a dui first offense and criminal mischief 1st degree but it was dropped to second degree so it wouldn't be a felony. While he was out on bail he was arrested again for his dui second offense. He has served his 30 days for the second offense and was supposed to get out March 7th, but now they are holding him in jail on contempt because his sentencing date for the first dui isn't until April 3rd. Will he get more jail time? And will they bring the criminal mischief back up to a felony? Please help.
These are questions only his free or hired Criminal Defense attorney can answer after reviewing all the facts and...
Nursing license with dui
I am thinking about enrolling in school to become RN. However I am very concerned to get denied my license because of my criminal background , I was arrested in New Jersey back in 2009 for failaiure to maintain lanes, refusal to take breathalyzer and dui. All the charges were dropped except the refusal and in 2012 was arrested for refusal and dui in North Carolina. no action were taken on the refusal after I provide the motor vehicle judge with proof of my asthma but I was convicted with dui. I live in Ohio near Kentucky and I am willing to work with an attorney to fix this issue
This issue may need multiple attorneys working in different states. I would suggest finding a local expungement...
Does the army test for Fentanyl on a regular random ua?
i chewed the 12 fentanyl patch around 1 pm, the next day had a random ua. i am only prescribed oxicoton
This is a legal question sir. We're private attys.
Can i have longer than a yr to pay a dui fine in ky?
i recieved a fine for a dui. i have a court date coming up and its been a yr. i havnt paid anything towards it. i fell 3mo. ago and broke my leg and havnt been able to work.
Perhaps you have a lawsuit for your fall........