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Passenger on school van drunk driver rearended 21,000 in medical and income loss what is settlement?how much goes to work comp
driver was almost 2x over the legal limit. he plead guilty in court since I was working at the time workers comp covered most of my pay for the 3 months I was unable to work and the medical. After the driver and I were hit by drunk driver we in turn slammed the back of a suv in front of us.
I am very sorry for what you have going through. It sounds as though you sustained significant injuries. In all...
Can police pull you over without probable cause
My wife called the police and told them I went to the store to get beer.when I returned home they were waiting for me at the end of my street.as soon as they saw my truck they hit their lights and pulled me over in my driveway.I was arrested for dui but not given a ticket for any traffic violation.I was driving fine and they even told her they couldn't pull me over without a reason
If the only thing your wife said was that you were "buying" beer, then no they did not have a reason to pull you over....
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite from Michigan for a dui 1st offense? No accident no injury. Simply stopped and arrested.
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite from Michigan for a dui 1st offense? No accident no injury. Simply stopped and arrested. Nothing special about it besides I refused the breath test and I posted a $2000 cash bond.
Not likely however it's best for you to go back and deal with the arrest charges and not be a fugitive.
What's going to happen to me?? 1st offense dui Erie Pennsylvania... no injuries. I don't live in PA
1st offense dui with no injuries but I did refuse the breath test. I don't live in PA. I live in Michigan. If I'm found guilty or I plead guilty what will my penalty be? Jail time? Fines? This was in Erie Pennsylvania. I posted a $2000 cash bond. Also would they extradite from Michigan for failing to appear on it? I guess I'm just asking what I'll get if found guilty and or if they will extradite? Thanks in advance.
From what you have described you are most likely eligible for a first offenders program that is offered in Pennsylvania....
How do i find out the results for a blood test for a dui and why cant i see them till court
I got a dui a few weeks ago they said i hit a cop head on i was asleep at the wheel my drivers license was suspended that day for a previous dui a couple months before this one all i got was a crash receipt and spent the night in the station no charges were pressed so whats going on im on ard probation for the first dui if i didnt get charged is it possible they aren't gunna charge me?
In response to your first question, it is well-settled that you have a right to know the evidence against you. However,...
I need to know if this would be my 1st or 2nd offense dui.
I was arrested for dui in Washington state and I got that dropped to negligent driving because I proved I was on prescribed meds and my levels were low. I am now charged with dui with refusal 1st offense in Pennsylvania. When I was arrested in PA my case was still open in Washington but now that's concluded and they lowered the charge I need to know if PA will make this a 2nd offense even though I didn't plea to dui? Also how bad is it that I refused the breath test?
The refusal carries with it an automatic 1 year suspension from Pendot. it s hard to believe you don't know that. You...
I have two parts to this question. 1)what does DUI with refusal carry for 1st and 2nd offense? please keep reading ...
I have two parts to this question. 1) in Pennsylvania (Erie) what does DUI with refusal carry as far as penalties for 1st and 2nd offense? 2) I was charged with DUI in Washington state but I plead out to negligent driving 1... Will that make my DUI in PA count as my 1st or 2nd offense? Currently I'm charged as a 1st but I wasn't convicted of the neg driving at the time. 3) also I'm on probation for the neg driving and I was violated for not having my drug and alcohol eval done on time... So I'll have a warrant in Washington state when I go to court in PA... Will that make the judge be harder on me? 4) last but not least... I know Washington won't come get me in Michigan but will Erie PA if I can't get there? Do they travel outside the state for misdemeanors? Do they always enter it in ncic? Pick up radius? It's 330 miles away. It seems like a waste of their time because I was pulled they have no blood, no breath test and no one was hurt. Any info would be appreciated! Ty
You have a lot of issues here. Refusals carry one year driving suspensions they are not jailable offenses. It is the...